Wednesday, May 9, 2018

How I spend my holiday after the last paper in university....

1. Tissue papers cause I have running nose

2. Hot water cause otherwise I can't breathe properly LOL

3. Bed cause I faint-sleep most of the time

4. Headache

5. Sore throat (VERY BAD)

6. Food delivery ordered by my #worldbestsister HAHAHA or I might die in hunger in my room lol

5. Some dramas that earn my tears (since I can't do any productive work lol)

6. Social media platforms to know the results of GE14!!!

风雨不改 (Except when I was on exchange!?)

I just wanna have fun, sobs

Thursday, April 19, 2018

To me, traveling is...

To me, traveling is ...

1. Boring and time consuming. Especially the planning process.  FUN! Choosing your destinations and your Must-do/-see/-eat/-buy lists can be really exciting! I had a very bad experience visiting Korea with travel agent when I was 17. Since then, I started planning for my trips! And I'm very organised when it comes to traveling hahaha so I must make plans or I will feel insecure. Well, it can be very tiring and sometimes I felt like flipping table after doing tons of research haha! BUT HEY, I actually enjoy doing research on travels! 

PS: This isn't the most OCD itinerary I've made HAHA.

  • Finding and selecting the attractions I want to visit and things I want to do makes my traveling experience unique and different from the others. And I get to skip places I'm not interested in visiting. Basically, I am the one choosing what I really want to do/see. 
                           No more souvenir shops in my itinerary. No more whistle-stop tours.
                           I insisted in visiting 袖珍博物馆 in Taiwan haha!
                           I (try to) wait for sunsets in cities that I've been to.
                           I visited wedding gown museum in Brussels hahaha.
                           I shopped for fashion whenever I want when I was in Spain hehe!
                           I didn't have to rush when I visited museums.
                           I spent only 2 euros to see the beautiful lavender in Manosque!
                           (when most of the travel packages that I found online was 50euros and above lol)
                           I went to admire Le Petit France more than 5 times when I was in Strasbourg haha!
                           I control my budget!

And I really don't believe that I can do any of these with travel packages (unless you have a customized travel package? haha)
  • Sometimes you get to know the interesting culture/ fun facts/ events happening in the cities you will be visiting (best part: they can be free!). Some people say that doing research ruins your imagination of a certain place but to me, it helps me to form reasonable expectations so that I don't disappoint myself when I'm there. 
                           I had a unique gelato tasting experience in Florence's Gelato Festival
                           (which I wouldn't know if I didn't do research)
                           I had fun during the Easter market in Prague!
                           I went to a free harp concert in Bruges (but... erm I feel asleep haha)
                           I visited the famous Mezquita in Cordoba for free!
                           FREE WALKING TOUR
  • And I feel really proud when my plans are realized! It's like seeing my baby coming to the world HAHA. (Cause you know, planning isn't easy after all haha)

Making plans myself helps me to know the places I'm visiting better and I am free to decide for my traveling styles and budgets. And I improve after each planning process. So why not?

2. Expensive and tiring.Why spend so much money to feel exhausted and tired after a trip?  It DOESN'T have to be very expensive! I'm not an advocate of 穷游 but your budget really depends on your traveling style! I always try to choose the cheapest accommodations, transport means etc but comfort and safety really matters! And the accommodations are really good most of the time because Jia Jing is really hard to please hahaha. 
The trips won't be very luxurious. Sometimes I had to share rooms with others and I had to walk A LOT during the trips (like 20-30km a day? BUT they help me burn all the calories hahaha) 
AND HELLO if you don't experience this when you are young, then when? I believe that different travelling styles fit different ages and these are things that you can only do when you are still physically fit! :)
  • I planned for a 4 days 3 nights trip to Ho Chi Minh + Dalat with my family and it costed around RM800/pax (including international flight tix + domestic flight tix + accommodation + expenses throughout the trip! 
  • 34 days Europe trip (13 cities yay!) and it costed around RM8081/pax (including EVERYTHING too haha!) 
  • 17 days Europe trip with Bryan (14 cities yayyyy) and it cost me RM5961.18! (including flight tix back to SG, accommodations and transportation) **erhem, definitely overspent during this trip for the souvenirs and all HAHA**
  • or a RM200 budget trip from KL to Malacca with the besties! So fun! :)
You might think that they are more troublesome than packages offered by travel agencies, but if you understand that they are 'customized' itineraries, they really worth the prices!

Presenting you the twinsie's goal in 2020: 
JW Marriott, Bangkok HAHAHA!

3. A life changing experience. Getting to know yourself better! I can't really agree that traveling is a life changing experience even after I went on exchange but I definitely know myself better! I'm a very complicated people that I don't even know myself LOL. But traveling makes me realize what's actually my preferences, what I really love/hate! You might argue that I can learn myself even without traveling but that's really how I feel la haha! I am more cautious when making decisions for traveling because I don't want to regret after that! Who knows when's my next time coming back to the same place again!
  • I didn't know that I would love nature until I've been to Switzerland!!! All the mountains and lakes! *aww*
  • Now I know what type of people I can't travel with HAHAHA. 
  • I know what drives me mad/ make me feel uncomfortable.
  • I know things I really love doing :)

4. An act of wasting money. My hobby hahaha! I just can't afford NOT to travel. Gotta emphasize that I'M NOT RICH (真的是穷死了cries) but I would willingly spend my money on traveling. It's just like... some people like to shop for branded stuffs; some people spend their time and money with another half. Everyone value things differently. So don't judge how people spend their money guys... it's not like spending on things they like is a crime LOL.

  • Any topic about traveling interest me! 
  • Finding nice places to be my next destinations makes me feel excited! (Korea, SEA, Egypt,...?)
  • Traveling make me feel alive HAHA! It's really an addiction.

5. A way to make me feel alive. This is not escaping from the reality. This is a break for you to recharge and prepare yourself to face life again. HAHA. I thought I was going to die when I went on a trip in week 6 @ semester 1, year 4 but I really feel energized to fight with the academic stuffs when I was back!:)

6. A way to test your friendships/relationship with families. This works all the time! Haha! 

From a perspective of an economic student, the benefit of traveling will always outweigh the cost, so why not???
Image result for travel the world
Travelling is going to be my life goal until I die.


Last day of uni YAY!!!
Finally posting this draft after forever.

Monday, January 15, 2018

2017 Recap!

This is a super duper long post!

Confession: I was too lazy to think about applying for SEP until I received a postcard from Bryan, convincing me that going on exchange will be a lifetime experience haha!

Decided to apply in Semester 2, Year 2 and there's not much universities left on the list. I'd chosen all universities that I could apply, with the condition that they're all in francophones. (Since I learnt French, I gotta utilize my skill lol.)

I really dreaded the application procedure that I felt like giving up (because it's tooooooo troublesome cries) but thanks to the help from Jiajing(and also nags lol) and Bryan, I finally completed the application in time!

Finally received NUS Internal Offer on 5/6/17 to HEC Lausanne, UNIL! It wasn't my first choice but I was already excited when I received the offer HOHO!And I had to start preparing many documents (recommendation letter, passport copies, bank statement, scholarship offer letter, etc) for the partner university, module mapping and settling the accommodation in Lausanne!


I'm really grateful to have these people with me in SG! :)
(Thanks for the Bobby, the comfy scarf and the card!:) )
Also had a panic attack when the Emirates ground staff said that I couldn't fly to Switzerland LOL.

Bye SG! hehe


Introducing The Click 5 (aka the NUS group): Lianne,Gibson, Hpone, me and Hailing.
I'm actually very grateful to have these 4 in Lausanne! :) The group is small but I think that's why we're very bonded! :) We tried to hang up together whenever everyone's free (cause everyone's busy traveling lol), have potluck party together, travel and gossip!!!

Hpone,our papa and our life savior! He's super informative and his French is like the best *thumbs up*!!! And he's super nice to help out when there's someone needed help!
Gibson, the super famous DJ and he's the most sociable one among us! (We really didn't bother to talk to strangers sometimes hahaha) Oh and he's always the hot topic of our gossips hahaha!
Lianne, my one and only friend in UNIL! We didn't know each other in NUSEcons but she's really a nice girl! We always helped each other to take attendances hahaha.
Hailing, my neighbour in Bourdonnette, she's like a 傻大姐 and always admires the cute Korean oppas hahaha! She's also my running mate and dinner partner hehe! I'm like a mama when I'm with her cause she always gets drunk easily and I have to take care of her lol.


We actually created the Click 5 private group chat because the amount of Asians that we know were growing at a rapid pace LOL. This group ah... hahaha! We always have new gossips to talk about within this group (eh XX likes YY etc) ahaha!


And that's my home for the next 4.5months -- Maison de la Bourdonnette! :)

I was lucky enough to being offered (you don't get to choose the location that you prefer) a room in Bourdonnette because it's just 15mins walk to UNIL and 7mins walk to the Bourdonnette station! There's also a post office (important for us to make rental payments and send letters for admin stuff!) and a Denner grocery store!
The hostel manager was super duper fierce that I really scared him so I avoided seeing him whenever I could hahaha!

My lovely room (3312)! *LOVE*

I had to pay 1200CHF deposit immediately once I accepted the room offer LOL. The monthly rental was 510CHF/month but thankfully I received a Swiss grant of 500CHF/month from UNIL so I actually paid 10CHF/month for the rental hehe!

It was on third floor and I nearly killed myself when I was lugging the >35kg luggage lol. I really love this room! It's really spacious that I felt so empty and I missed everyone in SG and Msia *sobs* (but that lasted only for 3 days HAHA)

I have another 4 housemates from Paris, Italy and Chile! They're all very nice and clean people! Everyone follow the rules so our house always pass the monthly house check hehe!


Resident permit: We had to apply for a resident permit (type B or L) within 8 days upon arrival! I had to look for the Foreign Residents' Office and prepare lots of documents for the application. I felt I was an illegal migrant before receiving my permit LOL! Ended up paying CHF147 for the resident permit! YAY!

HP number: Sunrise >> Lycamobile! For those who're going to Switzerland, choose Lycamobile!

My first heart attack when I arrived Geneva airport LOL.
Transportation: If you don't know yet, I love SBB haha! It's very comfy and it's always on time! Bought a half-fare card at CHF185 (very expensive cries) but it really helped me to save a lot whenever I travel with SBB! Also download the SBB App because it's very useful and we can enjoy early bird price only in the app!

UNIL Matriculation Card: Get it from the Student Admin Centre and I had to validate it at a special machine in the campus!

 Almost spent CHF1000 for the admin stuff+rental for the first month in Lausanne *ded*


I normally visit the city centre (Lausanne-Flon) for admin stuffs, grocery or to the train station (cause travel) HAHA. Only properly visit the city like a tourist when I was leaving Lausanne! It's actually a university city and it's quite alive at night (clubbings)!


The very beautiful main campus on the shore of Lake Geneva *love*! 
It's very huge that it's linked to 3 metro station: UNIL-Dorigny, UNIL-Sorge and UNIL-Mouline!

The building that I visited most often! (but it's not very pretty inside lol)

The canteen where I only had meals twice here (cause expensive sobs) and had most group meetings!

My campus is really huge that we have sheep eating grasses here HAHA!

I really love the lake that I didn't mind running whenever I was free (since spring lah haha)! Most of the time I ran alone but sometimes Hailing would join me too! :)

Too prettyyyy *love*


ESN, a student group in Switzerland for exchange students, always organizes interesting and fun activities (welcome programmes, pub crawl, travel, ski vacation, cruise party, sport games etc)!

The Click 5 and Yi Shan from NTU, Taiwan at the Welcome week event!

And that night, we had a dinner with the new friends! Amy from Korea; Samuel and Poon from HK, Cynthia from Canada! :)

(Spent CHF11 for a terrible kebab lol, I think I'll remember this until I die lol)

At the pub crawl event in March!
Introducing my one and only partner in crime in UNIL -- Lianne! :) 
(I only drank 1/4 of it cries)

I'm a short and round-faces Asian HAHAHA.
The NUS group (UNIL and EPFL) in... a pub hahaha!

Tried cheese fondue for the first time in life!

And we won the photo competition HAHA!

Didn't join the following events because I was busy studying and traveling HAHA.

I thought university life in Europe countries will be less competitive but nope, I was wrong. This was not the case in HEC Lausanne HAHA. I was so curious that I ask Bianca, my housemate, and she told me that competitions only exist in HEC HAHA.

 Most of the lessons I took were in small size and it's quite engaging! I thought I could be less responsible and slack during exchange but I ended up leading most of the group meetings and projects HAHAHA.


Grocery stores were the place I visited the most in Lausanne because I couldn't afford to shop elsewhere *cries*

THAT collection of chocolates *love*
BUT Nope chocolates weren't cheap here criessss.

(most affordable) Lidl > Denner > Migros > Coop (most expensive), on some days I would decide to splurge at Coop but most of the time I would just stick to last 3 haha!


Eating out was really rare in Lausanne! We normally eat out only when there's special occasions!

First meal in Lausanne!

Celebrated Hpone's birthday in an average Indian food restaurant! 

Food I normally cook! Ahh those days when I'd plenty of time to learn new recipe HAHA!
I cooked so often that my hand got8 painful lol.
Kimchi, fruit yogurt/oatmeal, guacamole and hand made meatballs, chicken soup, shashuka, quinoa, sweet potato+chicken+chick pea for potluck, japanese curry, salads, thai green curry, ...!

On lucky days, Johann, my Parisian housemate, would bake a big loaf of breads for us to eat! He's damn talented! :)

I baked the banana bread hoho! (Sien got no time now)

Eating out at a cafe in the city centre with Lianne after finishing all finals woohoo!!!

Packed sushi for our lunch during trip!!! :)

Had food parties when we're traveling at Zermatt! :)


Definitely YES. :)
I couldn't wait for exchange to come after Semester 1@Year 3 because this exchange is much needed I couldnt stand life in NUS anymore LOL. I wanted to be a rebellious student that don't have the need to care about my GPA hahaha!

It was different from life in SG because while I have seniors, friends in SG (and family in Msia which wasn't too far from me haha); in Switzerland, basically I had to do everything on my own and I don't have backups at all.

For the first time I felt homesick (although it just lasted for 3 days lah hahaha), I live more independently (and I really enjoy it hehe), I take care of myself well, and I know my preferences and limits abit more! :) I won't say that I grow up a lot through exchange but I wouldn't forget this wonderful experience that feels like a dream!

Although you are too expensive (and Swiss I've met were less friendly compared to other nationalities), I still love you k! 

BERN, February

(Testing Hpone's Iphone 7 Camera Portrait Mode haha)

Travel mates matter! :)

The view of Aare River!

The old town!



Hello, I have a house on Murren, Interlaken HAHA.

My lovely Click 5! :) Gibson and Hpone walked freaking fast that Lianne and I had to run at the back HAHA.
Oh Gibson wore casual shoes to hike hahahaha!

We're almost frozen to death cause all of us wore thin layers (as it's a spontaneous decision to hike a snow mountain hahaha)!

THUN, February

Walked a really long way to Oberhofen Castle!

It'll always my fault to look ugly in the photos because Swiss sceneries have ZERO defect haha!

LUTRY, February

First Swiss city exploration with the Asian Unite! :)

And the huge group of Asians walked 90mins from Ouchy to Lutry! None of us complaint because the weather was too nice and the view was too pretty!

My first sunset in Switzerland! :)


The fat swans and the crystal clear water!

The Lonely Bench (again haha!)

Mountain and flowers!!!
You know spring's approaching when you finally see flowers!

Visited the famous Chillon Castle@Montreux!


Zeneggen's a super duper cute village on a mountain! :)

I just love snow and mountains lah hahaha.

Cute llamas said Hello!!! *aww*


OMG, how can I not fall in love with Matterhorn!?
It's just like a piece of art!

More of it **love**

Reached Gornergrat to admire Matterhorn!

But first, jump shot! hehe

We're CGOG! (that's the secret code among us haha)
This bunch of people are really cute! :)
Went to Lidl for groceries and the 酒鬼们 (Yishan, Samuel, Hailing) kept on putting alcohols into our trolley while Hpone and I secretly took them out HAHA.
The girls didn't cook except me so it's only Samuel, Hpone and I cooked! It's so funny when they kept on calling me chef/mama when I'm the youngest among them hahaha!
Played card games, sang songs of our era and screamed until the neighbors might be complaining us HAHAHA!
It's a short trip but I miss traveling with them :)


Lianne and I decided to pay a visit to solely for the Tulip Festival! :)

All of them were so pretty!!!


The famous Chapel Bridge!

My travel mate: Michelle! :)

Also took the cogwheel train to Mt. Rigi! I didn't expect myself to enjoy mountain views during summer! :)


And Michelle said this is my signature pose HAHA!


Entering the Italian region of Switzerland! #solotravel

Hiked at Monte San Salvatore and Monte Bre!

These views were so rewarding after the hikes!
Loving the resort vibes! Don't think I could feel the same in other places of Switzerland!

ZURICH, May & August

Okay, it's actually a pretty and modern city hahaha!

I've unlocked 12 countries in Europe and I think I could safely say that I know Switzerland, France and Spain well?  hehehe.
I was really lazy to look for a city out of Switzerland to travel to that Jiajing kept on nagging me to put more effort on traveling HAHA, and I finally traveled out of Switzerland in late March!!! (while my exchange buddies started once they reached Switzerland LOL).

But ahem, I have plausible reasons to justify my laziness HAHA: While traveling is really fun, the planning procedures can sometimes be very painful! Travel planner has to arrange the schedules, transports, accommodations, special events (if available), food and budget! Those who understand me, please nod in front of the screens HAHA. Also partly because most of my friends were traveling to places that I've been to lah haha. 

So yeah, I'm really lazy with the initial part of the entire planning procedures lol, But once I started my search engine, I would do detailed research on the cities I'm visiting (I become more serious than when I'm dealing with my school work lol), and I get much satisfaction when I managed to come out with an ideal plan for each trip! :) *bipolar or what haha* 

So when I had a coming-soon-trip, my daily schedule would be: breakfast > school > lunch > school work/ research/ run > dinner > research > sleep HAHAHA. #verypassionate

Let's write the countries according to the list hehe!



1-star Michelin French cuisine in LYON, March (with Wanxin)!

(sorry i don't have nice picture of food HAHA)

Had to sing Food glorious food when I mention Lyon haha! Had my first try on 1-star Michelin French cuisine and OMG it's damn worth it! :) #mustdo

Bonus: Digest your food by walking around and hunting for the amazing murals!


the famous Promenade des Anglais in NICE! 

Came here twice with different people (Wanxin and Lianne) and in different seasons (spring and summer) but still the stroll along this promenade is the #mustdo in Nice!!! Spare an hour or two here, it's the best spot to take nice photos of the beach and sea!

Aloha! Pretty beach, crystal clear water and hot weather!

Bonus: Have much energy left? Climb to Colline du Château for this 100% view!!! *thumbs up*
Ahem... actually got lift ah HAHA


The Vieux Port in MARSEILLE, July (with Lianne)

Hands down the most beautiful Vieux Port in Southern France!
This city's a bit dirty, messy and smelly but I love the street arts, people and the port views! :)


The amazing calanques at CASSIS, July with Lianne!

One of the best decision I've made: hiking at Cassis (despite the lack of info online!)

Hiked around the calanque and this was the most beautiful calanques: Calanque de Port Miou!

YAY we did it!!! :)


THIS (at Aix-en-provence,July (with Lianne)) hahaha!

Are we French Taitai yet? HAHA
Actually we bought the French baguette to eat with green curry and korean drama in the cosy airbnb HAHAHA (we have pure Asian souls HAHA)


To see the most gorgeous Valensole lavender field at MANOSQUE , July (with Lianne)

We're so afraid that the lavender weren't blooming but we're greeted by...


Lavender is officially ma new love! hehe!

Things to do when your outfit matched the background!  #mustdo

Ran in the lavender field and legs got scratched by the thorny lavenders lol, non stop taking photos and videos! Witnessed a true romance of a pair of elder couples *love*

Useful tips: Go to the tourist office at Manosque and ask for the location of the bus stop, you can get a comfy bus ride to the Valensole lavender field at only €1!


No surprise, PARIS, July (with Bryan)!!!

Tips #1 in Paris: See Eiffel Tower at day and night!

Tips #2 in Paris: See Arc de Triomphe at day and night!

Tips #3 in Paris: See Le Lourve at day and night!

HAHA! Very touristy but very true!

Bonus #1: Sainte-Chapelle! (If you have $$$)

Bonus #2: Love Lock Bridge! (Okay lah if you've a partner HAHA)

Bonus #3: Pont Alexandre III! (Best part? free!)

City of Love? Approved
City of Light? Approved


The very touristy VERSAILLE, July (with Bryan)!

Come here later if you wanna experience the long queue under the hot sun haha!

**Blink blink**

A visit to Versaille is the MUST-DO in France but... ahem I won't come here anymore *cries*

It has to be COLMAR, July (Solo), the town of Beauty and the Beast! *love* 

I'm not joking, it's the gem of Southern France! *love*

The Little Venice -- The Launch River! :)




Ahem... BARCELONA, July (with Lianne) *cries*

Almost became the victim of pickpocket but luckily we're smart enough HAHA.
Be really careful and hide your valuables well!


VALENCIA, July (with Lianne) because...

The amazing street arts are basically EVERYWHERE!!! #mustdo

A good location for #ootd shots: The City of Arts and Sciences Museum
Didn't regret to walk 3.5km to here! The colour coordination is so pretty! :) 


Plaza de Espana at SEVILLE, July (with Lianne)!


Wasn't this pretty! :)


It must be the unique Alhambra at GRANADA, July (with Lianne)

This was a story of a princess in a mysterious kingdom...
She's refrained from leaving the castle because bad thing would happen to her if she's exposed under the hot sun (like 39 degrees lol)

The place she loved to hang out the most in the castle was the breathtaking Generalife garden. Sometimes she came alone and sometimes she came with her loyal maid (also her bestie)

Princess? Nah
True identity: a maid in Alhambra! I can cook, I can clean, I can keep secrets and I am loyal HAHA.

--End of my lame princess tale--


CORDOBA, July (with Lianne)!

More people are visiting Granada and Seville but please don't miss this city! You'll find something different from the Western Europe here!

The Mezquita and the freaking hot weather (41 degrees, it's 48 degrees the day before the reached)!

Tips: Free visit to Mezquita from 8.30am to 9,30am every morning!


near the Mezquita^^^!!!

And I really loved it!

Also I had the prettiest accommodation here! *love* Other than sightseeing and buying fashion, we hid in our cosy room because it's... 41 degrees OMG!


It's in MADRID, July (with Lianne), since it's the last city of our France+Spain tour hahaha!

The Plaza Mayor!!!

Things we do in Madrid (or Spain haha): drink Sangria, visitEl Corte Inglés department store, fashion shopping, tapas hopping!!!




MILAN, April (Solo)!

Dem fashion!!!
I saw someone brought 2 huge, empty luggage to Milan just to keep all her newly bought fashion babies haha! For me I'll just do window shopping because I'm a poor kid! *sobs*

Bonus: Why not visit the gorgeous Gothic Cathedral at the Piazza del Duomo, which is also nearby the famous shopping street?


Watching the sunset from Ponte Vecchio at FLORENCE, July (Solo), with street art performer singing at the bridge! *love*

(Although I was alone, my soul wasn't lonely HAHA)

I really love Florence! To me, the romantic level is equivalent to Paris!!! #imissFlorence
It's really romanticcccc.

WARNING: 18yo required 
David at Galeria de l'Acadèmia!!! Hahaha
I hesitated to visit this museum but it's worth my money!

Bonus 2: Burn your calories by climbing up the stairs to Piazzale Michelangelo to admire the panaromic view of Florence!!! It's gorgeous yo!


The 2017 Gelato Festival at FLORENCE, April (Solo)!

I had some much fun trying the special flavors and voting for the best gelato of Florence! *yummm*


Solo tripping and hiking at CINQUE TERRE, April !

Glad that I decided to hike around Cinque Terre because it's really fun even when I was alone and even when it's quite inaccessible!


Manarola is the best place for sunset! 

For some unknown reasons, I love Riomaggio!!!

Err... I just want to entertain myself HAHA!




DACHSTEIN, August (with Bryan)

I wasn't expecting much from Dachstein but my brain was filled with wonderful memories after the visit ! *love* 

I'm missing the...

Cold weather at Dachstein Ice Caves! #mustdo

the Alps!

sunset on the mountain!!!

And my best friend lah HAHAHA. 


The typical view of HALLSTATT, August (with Bryan)!

But warning: you have to come to the viewpoint to get this view or you'll only disappoint yourself haha!

Tips: take the stairs up for this view! :)


... when I couldn't open my eyes after crying too much the day before HAHAHA.

Ps: this is a viewpoint near the Capuchin Monastry in Salzburg!


Hostel in Innsbruck, when my luggage was locked LOLOLOL.
Like what Bryan has said: I only panic after things happen *cries*




The Nuremberg Folks Festival at NUREMBERG, April (with Lianne)

Who says Germans have no fun?!
This amusement park's so huge and the rides were exhilarating (although I didn't play them lah haha)

And also tasted my first beer in Europe! #the2ndfunofGermans

Bonus: Come to Weissgerbergasse for the #ootd (but don't expect too much ah lol)


Hmm... I couldn't decide between the 2 below but I truly enjoy them!

1. Miniature Wunderland at HAMBURG, May (Solo)

They're sooo cute! Visit this museum if you're a fan of miniature like me!!!

2. BMW Museum at MUNICH, August (with Bryan)

For the cute cars and modern interior designs!


Buying THEM!!! The cheap chocolates!!!

Listening to nice (and free haha) music by the street at MUNICH, August (with Bryan)! Seriously talented people are everywhere!



The Neuschwanstein Castle at FUSSEN, July (with Bryan)!

Need I say more???
I really felt like visiting this place again during autumn and winter!!! *cries* #sponsorplease


THE BEST OF... OTHERS (Sorry too much already HAHA)


It's Jiajing's hometown: LONDON, May (with Michelle)!

New place unlocked: Nottinghill!

New great musicals: Matilda!

New museum with much fun: the Natural Heritage Museum!!!

Not to forget the delicious meals: Aussie brunch at Granger & Co., pho at Vietfood, Mediterranean lunch at Yalla Yalla and pizza at Franco Manca!!! *delicious*


The cinnamon rolls at Laura's Bakery at COPENHAGEN, May (with Michelle)!

Not a fan of cinnamon but they're really the boom.
They're so good that I decided to spend all my pennies on them before I leave Copenhagen hehe! (cause no point to keep the coins lol)
Thanks Jiajing for the recommendation! #thebestfoodieguide


The Pusher Street at Christiana Town, COPENHAGEN, May with Michelle!

Didn't take any photos on that street as it's prohibited to do so! But it's actually safe if you abide by their 'rules'!

Other than that, I felt it's a very artistic place to explore!

Bonus: Nyhavn's night view is as pretty as its day view! :)


The walking tour in KRAKOW, Poland :(

It's snowing and the weather went down to -2 degrees during spring :(
Anything related to WWII is really depressing :(


Hummus@ Amamamusi in KRAKOW!!! 

Cheap hummus! hahaha!


The Easter trip: the winter weather (negative) at Prague and Krakow to the warm spring weather (20++ degrees) in Italy!

I immediately experience underweather once I reached Lausanne LOL.


They're.... *drumrolls*....

at BRUSSELS, July (with Bryan)!

This one at Mont des Arts! :)

This one at Grand Place! :)



In 2018, let's travel more in Asia! :)

JOHOR BAHRU, September (with JiaJing, XinYi, Kelvin)

I'm so sorry but I seriously don't understand why people like to go to JB LOL.

But anyway it's way a nice trip with funny people and nice food hehe!


BANGKOK, September (with JiaJing)

A 6 days 5 nights Thai trip ended up becoming a 4 days 3 nights Bangkok trip thanks to my horrible timetable *cries*

Traveling during Sem 1@ Year 4 sounded like a bad idea but still I enjoyed it HAHA. Some more it was meant to be a celebration trip for Jiajing as she managed to survived through her CLP HAHA!

Special memo: if you want me to travel during my last sem, you plan for evertthing k HAHA


It's when we're praying to Erawan Shrine (four face buddha) hahaha!

 So each face of buddha has different meanings like wisdom, health, business/wealth and relationship/interpersonal! Jiajing insisted that we had to pray again when we prayed anti-clockewise instead of the other way HAHA.

So now her wish was granted and she wanted to go back to BKK to 还愿 HAHAHA!


Definitely the food souvenir shopping at Big C (or basically everywhere HAHA)

The length of our receipt hahahah!

They're the tastiest and probably the cheapest souvenirs hehehe!


Walk lol. *ded*



Terminal 21 
Chatuchak Market
Central World
Siam Square
For more information, please ask Jiajing hahaha!

Take photos! ahaha


 Thai food 

THIS ONE!!! *yum*


MALACCA, December (with JiaJing, EeHua and Alyssa)

It's so good that I could travel with my primary school besties (our teachers used to call us 五朵金花 haha, missing one in Australia)! :)
 I've been to Malacca for N times but this time, I really felt I'm a tourist HAHA. (since the 3 Malaysians have to bring the American to explore Malacca right haha)

The funny thing was that it's Alyssa who drove us all the way to Malacca hahaha! 


1. Mural paintings

Wall painting by Kiehls haha!
Sounds weird but it's a good place for #ootd or besties shots!

And we found more wall paintings while we're walking along the Malacca river!

2. Pantai Klebang

3. Floating Mosque!

The views here are nice (aspecially sunset)!

And such ridiculous scenes can only be seen when you're with besties HAHA.


It's when we're eating the famous cendol, rojak and laksa kahwin at Jonker 88, discussing if S* or Msia has better food.

Alyssa: Actually S* really has many nice food! You know they have many Michelin Star restaurants?
The other 3: *flipping eyes*
Jia Jing: No! You know they've self claimed many of our local dishes as theirs??? Like Hainanese chicken rice, 捞生, ...
Ee Hua: Yah that's right! Many of our street food are nicer!

(the restaurant was too packed so we're sitting with 2 strangers. Obviously they're S*reans (you know, they wear like typical S*reans haha) and they almost stick their faces onto the bowls when we're talking about this lol)

Me: Guys, let's not talk about this. You know many S*reans visit Malacca on weekends!
Ee Hua: Don't be afraid! This is our country please! They can't do anything to us!
Jia Jing: Yeah, if they don't like it they can just go back ah HAHA.


(sorry have to change the alphabet abit cause I don't want anything bad happen to my dear blog haha)



So Ee Hua and Alyssa had planned to drink at night in Malacca.
JiaJing fell sick cause we've been walking under the hot sun at noon and she's weak ever since she've started work HAHA.
(At night)

JiaJing was lying on the bed and I was busy looking after her.
Then Ee Hua and Alyssa started drinking on floor.
And they finished 3 soju and 2 apple cider within 15mins. (15mins was damn fast?!)
And Alyssa was drunk. She made us called the guy she admired and kept on whispering questions to our ears so that she could listen to the answers her questions. Surprisingly that guy really talked to us for like 50mins LOL. It's damn funny that even JiaJing woke up HAHAHA.

Then, both of them were drunk. Vomit, 撒娇, throwing tantrums etc HAHAHA

So I had to take care of everyone and drag all of them to their beds.
And... I slept at 2am *cries*

It's damn tiring but ok la it's really funny HAHAHA.



I'm a fan of Baba&Nyonya food and Malacca's street foods! *love*


Something about travel mate. 

' A good travel mate brings you to heaven, 
a bad travel mate brings you to hell'



Travel is an addiction. *love*


Those who know me will know that I'm a lazy and not sociable human lol, and most of the time, I mingle with the same bunch of people!  Since I've started university, I found it very difficult to find true friends and it's really tough for me to find topics to talk to new friends and all, so I don't really bother to meet new people *cries* But I admit that I'm a very extreme people in handling my relationships with people hahaha. I don't care those I don't care to the extent that I think they can never succeed in any attempts to harm me lol.

Sometimes I think I could never meet any new, sincere humans LOL.

Yes, sometimes I still feel that I'm not a part of this group but I'm really grateful to meet these people from Kindgomcity, to be exact, I'm thankful for being accepted by this group of people from Kingdomcity. :) Coming to a new country when I was 18, I was really disappointed in making 'fake' relationships and I thought I was too dumb lol. But they are different. They gave me a feeling that there are genuine, sincere and super nice, and that I'm comfortable to stay quiet and learn new things from them (although deep down, I have super duper crazy soul HAHA). And they are super duper talented please lol. Sometimes when I listen to them sharing their backgrounds/ experiences, I think that I'm actually a blessed kid (not that they're unlucky ah lol) and I'm a 22yo with no stories lol. 
Aiya, how to say, I'm grateful to see them on Fridays and Sundays lah haha.

(let's hope that I can be a nicer human lol)

The Inequality lessons won't be fun without these people! :) Didn't feel the competition among peers but care and joy when I was with them! Thanks Hui Koon for convincing me to take this module hehe, gonna miss this class so much! :)

Thanks for staying with me when I'm always so out of control HAHA.
I'm improving to a better soul!

:) The Msian Gang hoho.
Let study together and graduate together (and grow old together hehe)

The greatest takeaway from KR!!!
Thanks for making laughing non stop all the time when school life's so horrible! :')

Let's meet more often friendsssss HAHAHA. 见一面比登山还难 LOL.

My primary school friendssss!!! I'm super touched when I knew that they miss me (because you know... I was a rude and fierce girl in my primary school HAHA)

My besties from USA, Australia and Malaysia! It's so hard to meet these girls again! :)

And we went to Malacca together! 
And this time I really explore Malacca like a real tourist HAHA.

Time flies but people don't!!! *love*
(wah Samsung always automatically beautify selfie LOL)

Not to miss my CHKL Choir babies!:)
It's good to know that everyone are going great in their fields! It's good to meet them because all of them are as siao as me HAHAHA!

December is such a great month! :) 
That I get to meet my childhood and high school friends! *love*

AND ALSO Pxiu and Waiyun!
We rarely meet *criessss* but I'm glad that our bonds are still tight! :)


I'm a 没心没肺的si derhaka that I never call back to home when I'm overseas, always refuse to pick up phone call/ video call, and sometimes, am unwilling to go home LOL.

But recently when JiaJing and my brother are back in Malaysia, I felt abit lonely(?) when everyone're at home, except me. (and maybe cause my Semester 1@Year 4 was too stressful)

So it's good to be back for one month! :) Although I did nothing much at home (basically just a lazy slave and happy pill HAHA), but I'm so happy that I got to mingle with my family more! :) I feel the siblings love more!!!

At Genting! :)


Thanks God I survived Semester 1, Year 4!!! Had the first 2 As and also first C for the econs modules in NUS hahaha! Although the lessons were really tough but I really enjoyed them! :)


#sorryIstilldon'twanttotalkaboutit HAHAHA

--Bye 2017--

Hello 2018! :)

This recap is abit late......
But at least I did it HAHAHA
(Pardon my english because I'm really lazy to check this post already hahaha)

Finally saying bye to 2017 lol.

Maira Gall