Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Monday, November 28, 2011


it's late to publish this ><
but my xin yi bu bian ~xD

remember this?=)
Happy Birthday!=)
ni kuai le suo yi wo kuai le=)

Sunday, November 20, 2011



time flies, my form 4 life ended on the past thursday
i know i'll miss this class, friends....the joy,happiness and sadness we shared in 10 months=)

i felt worried when i came into this class alone, without my friends, thinking what type of life i'll have in my form 4 life

and they, are the first gang i know in this class
there are always surrounded with laughter and happiness when you have fun with them=)
they encouraged each other, and they look like no worries about the exams and result
feel stressless and free with them=)

the vampire, pxiu,is the first who sit beside me
she likes to day dream, with a pose like :"i am listening to teacher, now", and then she'll ask me what did teacher say xD
she also lied my a lot of things with a sincere look,and.... i always trust her,LOL><
but i like to chat nonsense with her, from this to that
i missed her so much since we change our seat, very very far=/

the top fashion designer, bernice
she's really really cute=)
since june, we'll chat in the morning before i go to the music room
i still remember the laughter, when we talked about.... bernice will know what i meant xD
she has a positive outlook, she'll always make me cheerful when i am in a bad mood, she's really really cute mori girl!=)

the qi zhi nu hai, michelle xD
the one who accompanied me during the mid year examination
she did her best in her studies, i think so=)
i know she doesnt have a good sleep recently
perhaps i should buy her a SKII to heal her panda eyes ,hoho xD
erhem, this qi zhi nu hai sometimes change into a monster xDD

the jay's lady, yien ting
i got less communication with her
but she seems unhappy this year
hey girl, your friends are always with you=)
cheer yourself up!=)
you can be blissful and happy as others=)

see you guys next year!=D

i know i'll miss her much=/
xiao hui, this girl she always called me jia jing firstly when we sit nearby ><
she's very fierce to others, but she also concerned about others=)
and sometimes we gossip together, ans sometimes i listen to her bad words about someone
and we love to sing, we love chochalate=)
you know i will miss you <3
and i'll keep disturbing you next year, pls disturb me! XD

cath the princess=)
she's our class no. 1=D
i didnt feel sad or angry being defeated by her in studies, because she really worked hard for the exams=)
i wish that we can have better friendship next year=)
and i want to say sorry, because i still feel hard to think something to talk to you=/
but i guarantee that next year and next next year we will communicate more=D

pyin, sometimes i envy that she got a long lasting friendship with qian qian
i hope that i could, but i know i failed
we have been in the same class for 3 years!
see you next year xDD

i'll remember i got a cute bm teacher who bought us levain for 2 times!<3
i am going to miss those happy relaxing language lesson=)

54 levain bread~!
nothing taste better than eating and chatting with the dear friends! <3

i like this edited picture very very much <3
yee theng always have a warm smile on her face

more pictures to go~<3

and i want to play monopoly card again!

happy holiday everyone!^^

Sunday, November 13, 2011

life goes on=) my mum and me followed my sis to shop everywhere.
i feel tired to shop everytime, but i enjoy the time when the ladies hang out together=)

delicious foods and drinks<3 what we ate when we feel tired,haha =)

9/11, the japanese came to our school=) Noritake Yoshine,she's quite pretty,i think
but she's too shy,so do i>< we are hard to communicate with each other, since she knows very little, and i got studied a few japan language....><
but she's a very nice girl, i still remembered when she was seperated with her friend, she felt very nervous and she dont know how to talk to me, she held my hand and ran towards her friend,how cute she is=) and, she got a boyfriend!^^
enjoy the day with her, hope that she'll like the present i gave=)

and the sports activities days
since we got nothing to do on tues, we played 百万富翁,chess and snap xD
oh, and hide and seek xD
feels like going back to the childhood memories <3
love playing with Bernice and Zheng Yu
they are very very cute and funny xD
and,thanks to the two little cute girl, who accompany me to find the peoples=)
tired, but happy

and the class party=D
the school organised a giving award ceremony, calling us to go there, doing nothing, sigh. always waste our time, cant they do preparation before this?
but, this is not the teachers' fault.

i enjoy delicious foods, games, count down for 11/11 11.11am, the show....
i enjoy the time with them=)
the slide show made me feel like 11/11 was the last day of school for form 4 =/
time flies, and now its nov =/
i miss everything=/
i miss you all=')

4A ZHONG, maybe we should have more memories together,in the future


Wednesday, November 9, 2011





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