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Dear March-1

 Dearest YIEN YIEN Happy Birthday! <3 p="">
Bernice,Kit Teng,me and my sis actually went to her house to give her a surprise! haha!
*But this birthday girl was too clever and she predicted we would come to her house LOL
At first we were so nervous because seems like no one attending her house party!><
We went in her house secretly and we hide in a corner and suddenly Kit Teng jumped out because she thought Yienyien was coming haha! 这个叫吓不到人吓死自己xD

The birthday girl and the cake decorated by herself!

And yea we started taking photos at the garden,making a lot of funny poses and noise
But this is what I love about them!haha xD

          picture 1: All of them copy my pose = ='

The birthday girl! Her outfit was simply simple and nice=)


I love this picture so much!
*粗鲁的Berber! 给SJ看到就不好了hohoxD
the food prepared by her family was delicious,
we played 抢镜头 upstairs and yienyien accidentally fell from the chair shocked us very much
and sang like a crazy one in her living room using microphone ignoring other guests in her house xD
i love to be that crazy whenever i am having fun with them!
thing would be funnier if pxiu was there!=)
Stay happy ah my dear yienyien,dont get emo easily we are always here for you=)

cleaning the music room!
i have cleaned the music room for six years and this was the first time I was so relax and not sweating!
Actually I love cleaning music room because we have lots of fun when we are cleaning it and the air-conditioner will be cooler,we will be lying on the super clean floor after cleaning the music room!=)
cute kaiting and yungning

what we did after cleaning music room!
ahh this is what I used to play when I was a kid!

             picture 2: All of them copy my pose = ='
yeah I am the eldest in this picture but we are so close since I have became the chairman of choir!=)
Although they always make fun of me but I actually I feel very happy because this proved that they actually love me very much right?xD
I feel lucky and happy to be in CHOIR,this place is actually where I grew up and I see the ups and downs of it....and this is the place where I know them!这堆让人又爱又恨的人类! <3 div="">
Kong Chen Hall will be demolished to construct a new building in the future and at that time music room will be demolish too! =/

first standardised test
if I repeat those careless mistakes I did in the mid-year exam again,I would kill myself =.=

we celebrated BERBER's birthday! <3 div="">
during the first standardised test, I suddenly told her that me and my sis cant join the outing on 19.3,telling her that I have to attend society meeting and she said:"不用紧啦,开会重要" and she later told yienyien that she was really sad because pxiu,me and my sis cant celebrate her birthday!xDD
How cute she is!She even got no mood to choose what to wear for the outing!xD

And later when we arrived pavilion we went in a toliet to change our clothes and we were so nervous that Bernice would see us!
And things really happened:when we came out from the toliet,yienyien and berber came in! OMG!-.-
We quickly ran away and thinking new plans to surprise berber!

We eventually changed our plans,and trying to run into The Ben's without letting berber see us!
We were acting like theives,playing hide-and-seek and running and screaming on the way haha!!!

The Ben's
we went into The Ben's first and we asked one of the waiters if they could give that bouquet of flowers to Berber
and later both of them came and we ordered our food

my food--something with lots of wild mushrooms and cheese
very nice=)

the cute girls~=)

 Berber didnt noticed that two waiters with cake and flowers had been standing behind her for a long time! We suddenly sang the birthday songs and she was so touched and I saw tear dropping from her eyes! She is really an easily touched and surprised cutie! <3 br="">
the birthday girl with her favourite cake!

I love this pic very much haha=) She keep smelling the roses,feeling like she was a Paris Lady!xD

Photo-shooting section!
 picture 3: All of them copy my pose = ='
I simply love this photo!=)

picture 4: All of them copy my pose = ='
It was a wonderful day and I was extremely enjoy the moment with 4 of them!<3 nbsp="">
Stay cute ah dear Berber! 你的白马王子出现了*SJ*xD

<3 nbsp="">

I finally got my SPM results!
I was so nervous and stressful when the time to get the results getting nearer and I made my friends feel nervous too!=P
erm,satisfied with my results anyway,my hardwork had paid off!=D

last day of school

I remembered how we ACCIDENTALLY met Bryan at the mutiara and we went to pavillion together to do our plastic manufacturing business project!xD

we spent a long time in SU-KI-YA, a japanese buffet restaurant in Tokyo Street,eating and gossiping for a whole day!xD we even went to starbucks and continue chatting till 9pm!=D
We even ran in the shopping mall to meet our parents=P
I really had fun with all of them and I feel so comfortable,relax with them=)
looking forward to the next outing ah!xD

family trip to Cambodia

a visit to DREAMZ BAKERY

farewell party for JINLI
He is going to Japan soon to continue his studies
I was sick that day and I was wandering should I attend the farewell but me and my sis finally attend because who knows when can we meet again?=)

 They are my primary school friends and we seldom meet each other after graduated but they are still so cute and friendly, this is what I called PRIMARY SCHOOL FRIENDS,I always feel proud of my primary school and I had the best primary memories compared to others!^.^
Chee Seng became more humourous,and he still remembered that I beat him because he lied to me that there was a test one day! haha sorry la 谁叫你要欺负全校最凶的人!xD
Chea Han is still the same,always telling jokes that not funny at all xD
Shaun is in a sweet relationship,looking at his phone for a whole day!xD
Zie Yun still that small sized but become more fierce and ShiYun still look the same!
JinLe aiyo this girl still so naive,doesnt look like a 18 lady!xD but thanks to her we can always gather together! =)

my dinner!><



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