Saturday, December 13, 2014

Life of Year 1 - I (PART 1)

The very first event in NUS campus before university life officially started. I felt so lucky to be part of 圣光雅典娜(which was also the only group I could correctly pronounced LOL--problem of Chinese Independent High School student who has poor Chinese==) with Bryan, GL-RenWei, TuckYee, Seniors- Kah Mun, Ming Dei, Weng Hoe and Xue Rou, all from CHKL!  I am really really proud of them as they are so talented and perform well in studies and CCAs. These caring seniors from CHKL really made me feel warm and better. I remember everyone in this group was so shy on the first day of the camp and we ended up become good friends after so many activities =)
I seriously love everyone in this group. The bond among us made us scored high marks in every single games and activities hehe. Oh yeah, many of us can't sleep late too, and the practices for Talent Night till midnight everyday really drove us mad haha! (I am famous for sleeping early ever since this==) Indeed, this is the place that make me feel home. We might not meet up that often but we will always there is always a place for us here=)

LIGHT-official opening ceremony of FOC. Toothche pose requested by XueRou haha

LIGHT-War Game.
Haha the funny moment when all of us decided to make our last war game as a show hahaha.(as we weren't sporty type) I love how mad and crazy we were that we always did unexpected acts that shocked everyone else=)

LIGHT group photo at VIVO,before going to Sentosa.

LIGHT- Sentosa Beach Games 
I clearly remember the quiz game we had there was SO Chinese based and difficult that I don't know any of them LOL.

LIGHT-Talent Night
 Talent Night on the last day of camp! Practised till midnight for days for this. It was a memorable event though I was really angry as it shortened my daily sleeping hours haha. I think we actually got the most laughter and good feedback from the audiences that night. No one could imagine we ignore our images and performed crazily and beyond our limit! Everyone enjoyed the stage so much =).I guess think we were the best that night hehe. Also, a big shout out to the props the seniors made for us! They were all so nice! 

LIGHT- Sweetie's Birthday Celebration =)
LIGHT-Henderson Waves
*I love this one haha*

LIGHT-Henderson Waves

Outing to China Town for desserts,famous fish head noodles and karaoke.
*I miss our karoake team so much haha.

LIGHT-Marina Bay Night View

JUL-Visiting NTU, Talent Night

Visiting them in NTU=) Was shocked to know NTU has so many freshies from independent high school. (NUS<30>120)
Felt great to meet them in ahother country as well!haha.
*You will never know you will be someone's best friend until you are in a brand new environment and a different country =)*

JUL- Star to Burst
Oh,yeah before this I had a KR Hall Camp. I felt I couldn't mix up well with the people there and I was so upset that I bought a bus ticket back on the last day of the camp. The most childish act I have ever done I guess.=/ 
Star to Burst was a performance for freshies in hall and I went for the interview for the KR Acapella/Choir performance. I felt really shocked when the seniors asked me to sing the melody part of "I won't give up" by Jason Mraz. Felt stressful as well as I didn't think I could sing well. Nonetheless, I still appreciate the chance given and I enjoyed myself well.
Nice Stage!

DON'T ASK ME WHY I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO WORE REDDDD cause we actually discussed to wear red but no one does!==
 Bryan,Wanxin,Clarissa,Me and Belle.
the very beautiful star for C block and rose from Heng Jing, my dating partner =) (dating game is another story)

C blockers!

JUL-IBG and Celebration
The Inter Block Games in KR Hall, it's actually an event that let freshies to discover their sports talent.(well I have no one) Got to try out many new sports that I have not played in CHKL. Football, basketball, volleyball, netball, track and field etc. I enjoyed playing volleyball and basketball so much!haha but I can't sports well so most of the time I cheered loudly for them haha!
Weeee the cute banner designed obviously by me!

Bryan's and my jersey. And I always tell Bryan we went into the right block cause yellow(B block's colour) is his favourite colour and wine red(C block's colour) is my favourite haha.

MACAM YES HOR hahaha, But I really enjoyed playing so much! I never knew I can play volleyball before this!
Love this=)


Check out my super CUTE banner and my lovely C blockers.

C blockers Champion! The c-eniors said we really did a great job as C block has not got champion for so many year haha. C-iblings are always the best=)
C block c-teady C!

Fellow 6th floor C-ixies and the trophy!=)

Supper Celebration at the roof top. Nice food, nice people.

JUL-Got my new matric card!
Haha short hair memory! Things I always bring along in uni: Phone, purse and MATRIC CARD (super duper important, accessible to everywhere incuding my room!)

JUL-AUG- Dating Game
A tradition in KR Hall haha, All freshies must get themselves a senior as dating partner and do romantic stuffs like decorating their rooms, preparing them lunch/dinner, sing for them etc. I was lost that time and I got no idea who to date until Bryan introduced me his neighbour,Heng Jing and told me he was a nice guy. (Indeed, he was=)) So, without thinking much I just asked him to be my date hahaha==. Only after asking him I realised he was Mr. B Block! and I wondered if many girls would date him and he would reject me.(If a guy was dated by many girls, he could pick one and reject the rest) Cause it was so troublesome for me to think who to date again haha-_____- But luckily no one dated me other than me hahaha!

Left: Breakfast I made for him (woke up at 7am and made him breakfast, planned to put the breakfast outside his room and run away after knocking his door BUT he wasn't in LOL) 
Right: KOI andd 12 cupcakes by HJ (just don't know why I damn shy and I don't want him to come to my room haha-___- asked him to meet at lobby and it was the first time I have seen him and had a short face-to-face conversation.)

Decorated his door (HJ is a pro floorball player)

 WOWWW and this was what he made for me! So nice and I loved all of them so much! (thanks to Bryan a lot for telling him what I love hehehe) Can you imagine you woke up on a particular day and you suddenly saw your well-decorated door when you wanna go to the washroom to brush your teeth???
Can you imagine when you are dead tired and all you want is a good rest, when you open your door to see such beautiful wall decoration??? OMG I still feel sad that I took them off as I am not staying for vacation=(
So I made a great effort and spent a long time to make him these cards (HJ likes one piece as well)
present for him=)

Had a dinner with him and watched horror movie LOL. He was so nice and he really took care of me like a senior=)) And he talked a lot of stuffs to me and I think they are useful for me.(you can say I am a dumb whenever I am facing a stranger)

 Light make up
Fellow Cixies!!
 Best dating partner!=)

NO I am not going to delete this heheh.

C Blockers and their date!

AUG- Night Cycling
And yes....night cycling with AMCISA! It was really a memorable one haha, Cause I sacrificed my precious sleeping hours and joined them haha! Explored the beauty of part-of-Singapore at night!=)

State of Zombie at 5am, after having MCD!

Group photo-- Night-Day

Apple pie and Affogato Ice cream weeeeee 

 And these are my forever empty room hahaha.

...To be continue

Maira Gall