Monday, June 9, 2014

Life as an OL

Oh yeah finally my OL life as an accounting assistant ended!

*throw petals everywhere*

Honestly I had been waiting for my last day in the office for days although I hesitated if I should quit that fast because I find my colleagues are extremely kind-hearted and helpful! TT What really makes me quit was the mundane life of an accounting assistant and also I really want to have a break before getting into NUS, mmmm maybe I should say accountancy isn't my cup of tea haha! I'm sorry!=P

There are 5 workers (including the boss) in the office and I was shocked to know how fast the turnover of the workers in an accounting/audit firm! I remembered I was the least experienced worker for the first few days and then I became the 2nd experienced worker in the office LOL.

Basically this is the floor plan and seat arrangements in the office. (To show you how bad my drawing skill is hehe) See the right hand side of my seat! It is actually empty and I used to put my bag and stuff there. Arina, who is the only Malay in the office, came only in June, which was the third month I have worked here. Before that many people had been sitting there, filling out the application form and solving the question given by my boss (it's a test lol haha) and I would always peeking their forms and see if they can finish the question haha! So I actually had a row of tables and spaces before Arina coming hehe!

Niki is the most experienced one and she really helped me a lot when I was lost in my work haha. Also we gossip a lot, discussing the people coming for interview when he was my boss' room (my boss likes to 闭门谈判 for 10-15 mins, we only went  into his room with the door closing when we were being interviewed or getting our salaries haha), dramas, etc. haha!  Niki is a very active and talkative senior who can talk to anyone at anytime about any topics! Sometimes I was just so impressed by communication skills haha!

I seldom talk to Pui Shi  and William as Pui Shi is serious when she is working and William is too far from my seat lol. Both of them are taking ACCA papers so wish them good luck!=D That William has many cold jokes to share one haha, and I had to go into his rooms when I was using the printer in his room~ (the office has  3 printers and 1 photocopy machine, I liked to print/photocopy machines so that I could have a short break haha! Okay la stop reminding me that I am bad worker lah)

Ahh talking about the job interviews, my boss like to keep them as a secret until the day before the new workers is coming to work I don't know why lol= =

Being an accounting assistant is really boring, to me at least. I went to the office everyday at 9am, offen late! LOL okay la I admit I am a bad worker la TT The clothes I wore were repeating every week and my mum said they had become of office uniform LOL and I replied her "Well I am not going to a fashion show but to work" ahaha! After cleaning the tables, reading my mails, connecting the WiFi and chit chatting with my colleagues, my boss offen reached the office and from that moment on I would start working haha! (It's about 9.30am, what I can say is that my boss is the hardworking type boss haha)

The office hour starts from 9am and ends at 6pm, and I only sat on my chair two hours everyday, which means I stood for 6 hours a day in the office! Okay this wasn't because my boss is cruel that he didn't buy me a chair or I was punished as my work reputation was bad...etc. It's because me myself refused to sit too much everyday since I has read an article in the newspaper that mentioned sitting too much can shorten one's life (I don't know if it has scientific proves lah because I just read the headline xD)

Okay continue on my daily routine as an OL.

And then normally I would do accounts for a company or minor audit the account of a company. Sometimes I had to do both because my office is an accounting and auditing company. Doing accounts was much more easier because the debits and credits were mostly the same (Eg: Debit: Bank; Credit: Sales for 1000++ sales receipts @@) and I could type very very fast, thanks to my bookkeeping teacher in my high school and the experience as a secretary in the school choir hehe! And that makes me feel very boring because I had to face the invoices,sales receipts and so on for hours. PS: I had a hard time understanding what my client had wrote when their hand writing were messy@@. On the other hand, minor auditing was more interesting, at least I felt that my brain was running and thus avoiding it from rusting LOL. However it drove me mad too when I was stuck in a particular figure for a long time duh. And I would always ask Niki to safe me after my attempt to  find out what's wrong failed hehe!(the angel in my office!) When everyone in the office were too busy to talk, I could be quiet for a whole day long unless the clients called and I spoke one to three sentences before passing the lines to others haha! Ohh photocopying documents and filling out Form P,B,BE,E.... were fun task too!xD

YAY Fridays were happy days to me as I normally finished some tasks at that time but too bad my boss would assign me new companies to do at the same time! I am suspicious that he could read my mind lol so scary no please= =

There were still some happy moments in the office though.

Happy Moments:

1. There was a rare moment where my boss came to the office after lunch time! I remember that it was a Friday, wonderful and beautiful Friday!haha and all of us got no working mood and we kept chit chatting here and there! It was the first time I felt that I knew my colleagues better! They even praised me that I have fast typing speed and I am brave to ask questions when I faced problems at my work, unlike other interns/freshman.TT (and I was thinking what I can do if I don't ask!?! LOL; ps: whenever I asked my boss, he would just ask me to refer to the previous year's document -___-) But still this short moment has successfully made my day!

2. When I finally finished doing the accounts/minor auditing for a company!!! Although my speed was much more slower than my seniors and still I made some mistakes (mostly stupid ones) but still I am excited when the printer was printing out the final result! LIKE FINALLY! *tears dropping* They were my babies lololol.
The feeling of satisfied and contentment was unforgettable!='D

3. When my seniors planned to throw a farewell dinner for me! I was surprised honestly because I have never thought of this. I was planning to 悄悄地来,悄悄地走hahahaxD I am really grateful to have such good seniors who were willing to bear the problems I have made throughout the 3 months. They really taught me a lot of stuffs which I never learn in the school. How blissful I am to have such great colleagues for the first time working experience! =')

4. CLIENTS.(i)When I talked to a very cute client! Hahaha he is quite old lah but he likes to talk to me about some other things when I called him! I would feel much happier after talking to him on the phone. =D(ii)When rich and kind clients bring us cakes or desserts during our tea time! But this only happened once lah hahaha

Hmmm having such opportunity to work in an accounting firm is rare and I am glad I have made the decision to work here, small office with understanding boss and helpful colleagues.=) I will never forget the days communicating with the documents and computers but I will never want it to happen one more time in my life LOL. I do learned a lot of things which are relevant/irrelevant with accounting and I hope they are useful to me in the future!=D

And so, YAY WELCOME BACK,MY LEPAK DAYS! I will aprreciate these days before going to NUS! =DDD Can't wait to have gatherings with my beloved friends and choir!!!

Maira Gall