Thursday, December 31, 2015


1. Fall in Love with the USA
    And I want to discover more states here!

2. Sang with a choir overseas
    Well, I know I sang in SG HAHA. But it's a super duper awesome experience to sing the NUS Choir and it's really a WOW when I met other better choirs from other parts of the world!:)
loving B&W picture!:)

3. Visiting Taiwan, with my brother and the Tortoise hehe!
    Because 台湾太美好:) Wish I could be there again when WaiYun is still there haha

4. My cousin that I am closest to got married!:)
    And I was so glad to be his spy among the 姐妹s haha!

5. My cutest cousin from Hong Kong visited me!:)
    Super cute pls AWWW

6. Went to Pentatonix's Concert in Malaysia!
    One more time please hehehe 

7. Feeling a lil more comfortable in SG
    with nicer places and better friends and hectic but meaningful life:)
    with the annoying sister doing awkward things #onlysistercandothis

8. Loving and hating the KR Choir LOL
    The CCA that I invested most of my time in. Still some annoying people here but I love how I interact better with more people here!:) Joce Evelyn Jon Esmond JunHong Bvlyn Sophie 
Choir 奴是怎样LOL

9. Best friend all around the world!
    Sister in UK | Pxiu in Korea | Wai Yun in Taiwan | Bryan in Canada | Yienyien Bernice MF in Msia| and I started to appreciate more of the memories with them :)

10. First try for Acapella performance
      Getting into KR Aca after 3 auditions LOL. Thanks Dennis Thanks Jon HAHAHA.  Freaking nervous but I did enjoy the stage! And I understand why people prefer aca to choir haha

11. Sleeping at 1am is a norm. 
      Darker eye circles sien. Because I had all 3000 level modules and 5 CCAs in hall. Such a great transformation but I definitely learn a lot! Everything happens for a reason huh  :) Starting to understand and like Econs & French much more! Feeling tired most of the time but I really appreciate my current life. :)

12. Varsity Voices 2015 at the Esplanade
      Truly feel grateful to sing in such an awesome place (to me at least :)) I really wish I could join the NUSChoir again more one more concert!

13. Finished an english novel within two days.
      Don't judge HAHA. #achievementunlockedlikefinally

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sem 1 of Year 2

So after caroling gigs, I spent only 2 days to finish 24 episodes of 流星花园 LOLOLOL and I don't really know why would I watch them hahaha. Since I am so free, it's a sign to update the blog haha!



NUS Rag and Flag | 7 Aug
Awwwww I miss this view! I super duper love this view! It's soooooo breathtaking! #proudofHTCM8 The floats and the performances especially the special guests they invited were so good! *SOBS* I hope NUS could hold Rag here again HAHA but it's kinda impossible lol. 
Ah talking about the tiring Flag. == This year I was assigned as a leader to Choa Chu Kang. Woke up at 445am and headed there. It's so hard to collect 2 tins of coins  here but we managed to end at 1pm ( I ended mine at 12pm yo huhuhuhu) Being a bad senior I rushed back to hall to shower and sleep after all these HAHA.
Feel extremely tired once I think of Flag next year sigh#老了

Inter Block Games

Oh well at least I witnessed the first and the last match and also the TGIO performance hehe!

NUSRUN | 23 Aug 
I gonna join the 10km one next year (hopefully I am fit enough by that time hehe)


Kent Ridge Hall Dinner and Dance | 9 Sep

I was acting as the actor of Hunger Games LOL and I didn't even watch the movie and I didn't know the actors LOLOLOL so I didn't even make an effort on my costume hahaha.
 Love the video of C block's Pageant :)
Skipped the Bash this year cause clubbing is really not for me haha. Godness why am I acting like an old lady this sem HAHA.

                     Choir Camp | 22 Sep

The audition!
Honestly I would say it's really quite an interesting experience to me hehehe! Scanning through the freshies with Joce and the initially awkward and annoying Dennis and Jon Chia was tiring but I am glad I was there! I myself learned quite a lot!
And also helping the Acas to check with the freshies right after my own audition HAHA.
The Choir Camp!
Cleaned(like dying lol) and decorated the choir
room with lights and simple art and crafts before the camp. (since then we have the vacumm cleaner like it belongs to us HAHA) So beautiful! :)
Well I guess the running game failed cause everyone woke up late HAHA. Only JunHong the forever early and best FYF appeared at 9am in choir room haha. Spent the whole morning studying with Joce in the choir room while everyone were running for games and for lunch hehe. Love the movie night part                          the most!

KR Rockers | Timbre | 14 Oct 
Supporting the best friend at Timbre at a Wednesday night! Why my best friend can shine like a diamond confidently on stage huh so proud of him! :) Awesome music, great atmosphere and atas food! Wouldn't mind to pay a visit here again for music :) 

 KR Choir | Culture Night | 27 Oct
Walking on Sunshine and Don't Stop Believing
Composed by my best boss hehe! I must say the standard on Culture Night was not bad considering the one month on-and-off practice with the poker face Dennis and the choir lol. 

KR Aca | Culture Night | 27 Oct
Changing at the speed of lightning right after choir's performance LOL. The 1am to 3am practice and having 8am class the next day LOLOLOL Kill me ba. Although they were always late for prac and Hans and I are the only on time ones but each of them has either strong musicality or powerful voice.  == AND I wasn't really in love with 那些年 before this performance (because the movie was so dissappointing lol) but it changed me a bit after this haha. Starting to understand why people enjoy singing acapella and really thanks Jon, Bryan and HiuSheung for the guidance :)

Still look young like 19 HAHA
The Ciblings | Culture Night  27 Oct:)
Techical Support Unit | Culture Night
Yay and I am a newbie in TSU! Still trying hard to memorise how to put the drum set correctly and still learning to curl the mic wire HAHAHA but so far everything is this new and interesting to me!
Gift by C-ymmetry :)
The Mid Term

My Dear Choir Comm!
like-a-mama Yitong, the overwhelming kindness Joce, eating is everything Evelyn, okay with everything Benjamin haha!
Finals Welfare Pack | The Choir Comm
Before the horrible finals started *SOBS*

Cixies' Gathering | The Daily Scope | 18 Nov
The destress session and birthday celebration for November babies! :)

My Birthday | 21 Nov
Spent the whole day and night with books and lecture notes in the library and room. I told myself I must sleep earlier (at least for tonight) to welcome my 20th LOL hahaha. (in uni, sleeping is precious) And I even told the neighy Evelyn to stop anyone who try to surprise me at12am or I will be very angry LOLOL. And this girl came to my room at 1145pm to ask me a question of Econs with IPad and I was quite frustrated cause I didn't even know what was she trying to ask. Then they suddenly appeared in front of me with the cake HAHA. Simple but touched enough :) Still so bad in finding out surprises after 19 years LOL #fail 
Fell sick before my last paper 是怎样 LOL. Had a very bad headache and felt cold the whole day and night and I thought it was normal as it had been raining heavily for the past few days until Jiajing reminded me that I might fell sick HAHA. And I felt that I was in the hell after that OMG sigh. Ignored the study and laid up in bed like a prawn for the entire night. But ended up slept for only 3 hours. What a restless night.

and let's talk about my academic of the semester. HAHA
Year 2 students' life are really 不简单 haha! Till now I often think why was I so free when I was a Year 1 student haha!
I took all level 3 modules this semester and I seriously thought that it was extremely normal until my friends and seniors were all so shocked to know what I took LOL. And I knew it would be a tough semester for me *SOBS* but luckily I managed to make myself a bit more hardworking despite of the crazy and weary hall life(still slacking like breathing lol) and I kind of enjoying my modules :) Still doing only OK for microecons and loving the macro haha #biased. 
Surprisingly survived for the mathematical econometrics II OMGGGGG. *touched to the max* 
Econs history was fun despite of the heavy readings and the book review almost killed my brain cells lol (read the most English words in my life LOL) and I made a new friend Regine!:))
French 3 was a whole new level of difficulty!
But so glad that all of my lectures were so nice, friendly and always highlighting the details. :)


Chrystal's 21st | Boufe Boutique Cafe | 4 Dec
And the theme was white!
It's at the Tanglin area. Still lost my way in the buildings and ended up took more than 30 minutes to get to the cafe LOL. She is the tallest girl among the cixies but she is super cute!:) 
The daily schedule: wake up> gig 1> lunch> gig 2> dinner> tired like a zombie in room
The daily dresscode: All black (until I got not enough black costumes)
Singing the same set of songs was tiring and boring but I still feel the joy of a choir member whenever I saw the smiles of the audiences :) So I really sang as if each of the gig was the last gig to me (cause anyway it might be the only caroling gig to the audience?:)) 

Travelled to Boonlay, Sembawang, City Hall, Orchard, Ang Mo Kio, Eunos,and... where else? HAHA It's really an adventure in SG to me and I would definitely get lost if I was alone HAHAHA
But yeah travelling was tiring but I was still grateful to have some nice people here that made my caroling session a bit more joyful! :)

KRV Performance
Lunch Treat (with tight budget hahaha) by Choir Comm because these are all kind souls hehe 

Lexus Singapore
The power of KR Alumni haha

Yio Chu Kang 
Where they said my Chinese emcee was so pro like a Taiwanese hehe

Tiffany and Co.
Most formal performance with maxis, suits and make ups.

Event at Fort Canning hotel
And it's JunHong's day!:) Made him wear the lobster outfit at Fish &Co. hehehe

 Jurong Point
The furthest and hottest place for performance LOL

Private Home Event near Joo Chiat Area
The most enjoyable gig with the post-gig self claim Backstreet Boys photo haha.

 Capitol Theatre
The most beautiful view:)

RWS Sea Aquarium
The place where I got the worst emcee award hahaha!

Well, the bonding sessions on MRTS/ Lunch/ Dinner/ Walk really made me knew each of them better!:)
Xinhui who claimed that I looked so funny when I got angry LOL
Jun Hong Esmond (and the rest of B Blockers lol) who always bully me HAHA and bear with my nonsense and bipolar emotions all the time
Jon Chia: the 1hr++ talk that night really made me feel that you are actually a nice guy hahaha! thanks for all the advices (like a brother:)) and I really feel the true friendship among Joce, you and I after the 25 gigs! hahaha! We discussed about stuffs and we scolded the same target and we really had better quality talk hahaha! Hope Dennis was there and all these wouldn't change in next semester hahaha
And this girl! :)
Wouldn't survive for 1 semester in KR Choir without this girl! She's the never-say-no girl with overwhelming kindness that I sometimes couldn't stand her haha! Picking up a leadership position in university was quite different to me and the horrible people sometimes really made me feel so down but thanks for always being here to cheer me up, gossiping, giving me advice, taking care of me and talking the bad words of the irresponsible people HAHAA We would be in danger if our conversation was being read by the rest LOL 
Sometimes your blurness (and the inability to wake up early HAHA)made me feel like I am elder than you but sometimes your advice and different interpretations really made me feel like a younger sister!:) Won't ask for others to be my President cause we really worked well together! :)

 The Gathering aka Bryan's Birthday Celebration | 18 Dec
The moment when I really forgot how to sing in a karoake LOL Waiyun Jiajing and Bryan please come back soon! HAHAHA
And wow I guess it was the time I spoke the most with MunFung hehe! like a HTHT kind of talk :)

The Farewell | 24 Dec
And the very important friend is going on exchange in Canada! No one is going to listening to all my complaints of hall, studies and life LOL

Être un meilleure personne et nous allons nous rencontrer bientôt !
Prendre soin, je te manque :)
the Cixies :)

This girl HAHA
Thanks for doing and talking all those stupid stuffs with me hehehe and trying your best to cheer me up whenever I am in a bad mood!:) 6th floor will be more lonely to me without you here:)

you were so tough that you made me feel restless all the way.
nevertheless I have grown to be a tougher one I guess!

No. I am not ready for semester 2

Maira Gall