Tuesday, May 19, 2015

summer - Work!

Went to do some part time jobs  recently cause I know I am gonna burn my money this summer -_______-These are just some events job anyway.

Worked as event helper in NU Skin Expo for 3 days, helping clients doing face spa and after that the skin of my hand keep peeling like hell.Well, I think my hand can't be wet and touching chemical stuff for such long time consistently. I have to say it's quite fun though! The girls working helped each other very much although we just know each other for 3 days,=) and they even said I can be a facial consultant after this hahaha! Oh yeah, blaming how tiring the job was and sharing fun facts/ interesting things happened during work was an entertainment for us too!haha

Felt happy to be able to meet Malaysians and there's always an easy connection with them! Easily found topics to talk about and time past faster and happier=) But there's always some exceptions: A guy asked for my phone number when I was working and no choice la I gave him cause I was working and he kept disturbing me! If boss misunderstood me then I would be died LOL

Then I took some banquet jobs of events and wedding dinners held at Sentosa and Shangri-la. The night shift from 4pm to 2am is crazyyyyy but I somehow managed to survive throughout the 3 days as well hahaha! I don't like to act like a weak girl at all times but during this period I was so grateful to be a girl as I really couldn't carry those heavy dishes at the same time!@@

I have helped out in an award ceremony and 2 wedding dinners. I was in love with the western wedding of an Indian and a Western. It's truely so adorable and magnificent!I love every single thing of the wedding =') Felt so touched during the speech session although I didn't know the bridegroom and bride haha!

What made me more grateful is to receiving care from the uncles and aunties who I first met throughout the working period as they knew I am new =') They have taught me a lot of things and surviving skills  (like ignoring the cocky managers who always ordering the rest but doing nothing there[and why do these people exist everywhere WHY], reminding me to beware of some biantai managers, volunteering theirselves to help me to carry heavy stuffs, rushing me to go home on time....), and I did enjoy the moments chit chatting with them =) I felt I have actually gained more things than what I have paid for these:

Money+Experience+Happiness > Hard work+Midnight walk+Time  =DD


Walking alone after work at 3am on the highway helplessly because the bus drivers  let me alight at a so-near-yet-so-far-from-NUS bus stop as they didn't know where is NUS was quite a memorable experience as well (but why you all know NTU??? -_____-). Imagine many taxis "fly" beside you and you couldn't even stop any of them haih. Managed to get my way back by looking at the NUH logo haha! Ok la can't blame anyone as I don't know how to direct the bus drivers to NUS also heheh.... but anyway it proves Singapore is really safe enough(or they were scared to see a girl wearing all black on street in the midnight?! HAHA)

And I have been thinking something lately:

Isn't it a hard thing to coincidentally falling in love with someone who loves you at the same time?
Why do people always missing the right timing to love each other?
if  you choose to love someone who loves you at the same time,
if you choose to carry on loving someone you have been loving.
if you choose to let someone go at the right time,
but well, "if"  can only be an imaginative word, not a time-reverse one,sadly

Sunday, May 10, 2015


taken on 31/1-- C blockers 35th Charity Run
and I haven't ran for quite a long time since then...lol hehe

 taken on 1/2 6AZhong in Singapore + the GOHS=DD
Visited so many places (MBS, Clarke Quay, Vivo, NUS) and I still remember how fail I am in bringing JunRen to tour around NUS LOL hahahah> < but I always had fun times with this bunch of people weeeeee. Wasting time with people you like isn't wasted hehe
 taken on 1/2 6AZhong in Singapore + the GOHS=DD
The prince and princess' love in Clarke Quay Hehehe

                                   taken on 6/2-- Altos & The NUS Choir Varsity Voices 2015 

Yeah I am missing the stage and the magic of the music at the Esplanade=)Love the Stars, Penny Lane and Somnia the most! 

taken on 7/2
with love in Holland Village haha. Hey I know you will read my blog!
:Je suis desolee parce que je n'ai pas beaucoup libre temps parler avec toi dans cette six mois mais tu me manque! J'espere tu est bonne dans l'etudies et autre. Nous voulons rencontre plus tard!=D

taken on 15/2 KR Dance Production US|REWRITTEN
Cixies and C Block
My very first time watching a proper dance performance after being alive for 19 years hahaha! It was really awesome and everyone danced soooo well OMG! I love the story line as well! The ticket price is kinda pricey but it's really worthwhile watching it! And I am so proud of Joan, one of our Cixies FYF! She is the KR dance chair and I can't believe that she never dance before coming to KR.

Taken on 16/2 The NUS Choir 14/15 Batch
Post VV'15 Celebration!

 taken on 26/2 Amplitude - KR Choir
Back from Malaysia just for this performance, sang the Lion King Medley composed by the powerful chairs in Choir, Amanda & Nguyen, and Seasons of Love. Being a member of 2 choirs isn't an easy thing, especially when I was so tired juggling between my studies and CCAs schedules that I cried for it and kept telling myself that "No, I couldn't take this anymore". They really put me in a dilemma. But then STILL I am in both of them haha. They gave me different thing, which is the magic of music and fun with choral people.=) Don't ask me if I am quitting any of them, I really don't know, this first year definitely wasn't an easy one to me, and I had gone through it, should I just let it go without gaining anything from them? Well, maybe there's the "gambling spirit" working on me hahaha.

taken on 27/2 & 28/2 Chingay! aka the Hell Miderm Week

It was quite a memorable experience to have a chance dancing with friends, in front of so many audience at the Singapore F1 pit, and also watching the creative floats by many organisations  and super duper amazing fireworks right in front of me! The trade off was to screw up my midterms duh.
Throwing back these photos which captured the memories I had with C blockers really made me feel grateful to be part of them.=)Frankly speaking, I often felt compelled to join some activities here, but they never failed to comfort me and made the time spent with them worthwhile.=)

 taken on 7/3 - Cath's belated birthday celebration! LOVE
Okay la I think we actually disturbed Cath to prepare for her midterms >v<  and I think I was really loud and noisy that night haaha.
 taken on 7/3
 7/3 & 8/3 Staycation in NTU haha
An impromptu escape to NTU When NUS was too stressful for me to stay in right after the screwed up midterms HAHA. Thanks for everyone to bear with me and spent time having fun with my when you guys must have something else ongoing.=) The night spamming songs in Hiuyee's room and playing cards + chitchatting & the midnight HTHT with Hiuyee and Cath was a nice one!=DD Plus the next day to have everyone to have breakfast with me (who normally wake up at the afternoon on Sundays)thanks ah guys!!!*my constant in Singapore <3 p="">

                                          taken on 13/3 C Block Culture Night - FreshCs
*One of my candid shot when I was singing and I didn't look unglam HAHA

taken on 13/3 C Block Culture Night - Cixies
Theme: Boyish 

Sang Pompeii with fresh-Cs and filmed for the Cixth Floor Video - Blank Space.
Cixth Floor Video - Blank Space: Honestly the video filming part really drove me crazy cause I am in charged for my floor's culture night performance/video and I had 5 midterms during that period as well ='( Luckily there are lovely c-eniors who offered to help me out and my filming skills is damn bad hahaha! Anyway it turned out to be very fun and I got to know my lovely cixies better!
**And I am the shortest on 6th floor hahaha (more evidences to be shown later haha)

Pompeii : I was the only one who sang the harmony part, and YES my harmonizing skill sucks hahaha! I was kinda panic at first and I asked Bryan to help me haha. This people is always busy with endless projects and at that time when he promised to help me right after my SOS and I was soooo touched haha! (Although I ended up settling this on my own, but still, appreciated haha) And yeah luckily it turned out to be quite ok phew haha.

Taken on 14/3 KR PACMAN Volunteer Work
We had to paint the house of the host to make it look new (but it's really dusty that I couldn't stand -_________-).Nevertheless,I am very grateful to be assigned into this group (thanks Bryan TT hahaha), where I got a chance to talk to people more and know a lil more about some C blockers. Also, talking to the 2 C blockers--funny Vipul, who kept teasing me HAHAHA and the cute WenQian was really enjoyable! AND having lovely people to consistently care about the careless me throughout the work really made me feel touched la hahaha.  It was quite a tiring task as the host is quite demanding but this team was this evening better, and with more fun. But you know hor, helping others always make people feel good lah hahaha, so thanks for giving me a chance to feel good!haha. 

taken on 18/3 KR Day - Cixies! (you see you see, I am the shortest again HAHA)
 taken on 18/3 KR Day - Malaysians in KR=) Bryan, Hui Koon and Jocelyn!

2 Accounting 2 Econs people here. The middle ones are Econs and the corner ones are Accounting haha. Appreciate to have them in hall, and we can talk to each other easily when we have problems here because we are all Malaysians haha! #OnlyMalaysiansUnderstand hehe 

  taken on 18/3 KR Day - with the best best best friend!
Life would be even worse without you here HAHAHA. Thanks for not leaving me alone when I am consistently a burden and always backing me up, you know right HAHA.继续辛苦你了 hehe! And I still remember what you wrote for me in our 6AZhong journal=') You counted on your words='')

  taken on 18/3 KR Day - Wanxin and Azie
Two amazing girls I have found in C block who have been helping me a lot and are sincere to me.=)
Thanks Wanxin, for being a constant who I can always talk to when I felt bad. and not giving up on me when I had.=) Thanks for your invasions into my room which I appreciated that you did it, you are such a lovely girl=)

 taken on 18/3 KR Day - The CBlockers=)

 taken on 18/3 KR Day
Good companion, good video, good food, and wonderful memory
Do I love KR Hall? For now, no. From the very beginning of my journey here, FWOC, I hate this place that I couldn't wait to go home ASAP. Till now, I have no feeling towards this place. I like C Block, for sure. Looking at people here showing their love to KR, I still don't understand why. Maybe time will tell.
The sis "study" vacation in Singapore 
Ya study literally means study haha, she just wanted to change an environment to study, so I told her to come to my place to study together haha! It was a fun week with her! and having someone to cook nice food and help you cleaning room is nice as well hehehe.
Also, we spent some time trying out more nice food in Singapore woohoo!
PS: her appearance in hall did shocked many people hahah.
Met up with 6A Zhong at Sushi Tei,JEM for dinner!

I forgot the restaurant name but the food here is awesome!


Nakhon Thai, Holland Village

Paid a visit to Nakhon Kitchen in Holland Village when both of us were craving for Thai food. Having someone who has same craving and favourite taste is one of the most blissful thing on earth ahahaha.

and when we are too hungry but there was still a long queue to go HAHAHA.

and she said she can do better selfie hahaha!

Strolling around  Holland Village before going back to hall and I asked her to take a photo which what a typical traveller should do haha! The Holland Village MRT and her OOTD.

Trying out Big Breakfast at Coffee Nowhere, West Coast Plaza.
It's super duper nice pleaseeeee <3 p="">

One of the craziest thing we have done: eating this huge red bean ice with vanilla ice cream hahaha. Both of us felt soooo cold after that but so syok la hahhaa. I told her I would eat this again in the future if I broke up with my future boyfriend hahahaha. So cold leh!!

At the airport. Bye FOODS haha.

the journey never ends.

PAUL bakery, Changi Airport.
OMG this is heavennnnnnnnn. In love with this chocolate tart and I told her I want this for this year's birthday hahaha.

taken on 7/4,8/4 KR Command - This Is It

To farewell the FYFs, duh there are 4 FYFs on our floor and I gonna miss them a lot! Especially Weiting who's so nice and take care of me a lot!

taken on 21/4 - Cixies Sunday Folks Date

When will we meet up again?=')

and here comes Hell Finalssss

and this is what I felt hahaha

 I see sunset when finals is almost over.hahaha

and I felt like this!hahaha

 My lovely study corner for these 6 months=))


I can never imagine how had I gone through these 6 months with hectic schedules!hahaha. For now, hopefully my results will be ok (PLEASE) and I just wanna rest hahahaha. Crazily busy, but this is why I have more memories=D 
Have been in Singapore for around 9 months and I....
Had first time carolling with the KR Choir
stepped on the famous Esplanade with NUS Choir
Had many first time(Dating game, Dance properly in the crowd)
...(lazy to think already haha LOL)

and YAY USA, TAIWAN wait for me yo!!

Maira Gall