Saturday, August 22, 2015

Summer Life - Taiwan 你好

Day 1
Taiwan 你好!
Was still planning for Taiwan the night before flying LOL, slept at 3am and went airport at 4am LOL #LastMinuteQueen

Face like that after 1 hour sleep no bad already hor lol

YAY this time we had special guest with us from Korea!Haha! It's really nice to meet a long lost friend TORTOISE after 1+ year.

Was quite sad that we had to cancel the visit to 东海大学 cause of the delayed flight + waiting time for public transport. Wanted to visit 路思义 Church so much and have a look at the Japanese style buildings in this university! But I must say that TaiChung's public transportation system has been improving within these 2 years and this really make TaiChung a better and more accessible tourist spot!

 Headed to the hotel right after we arrived TaiChung. Passed by this underground which the wall was pasted with the 错别字们 and I think it was quite cool!

After so many vacations, Jiajing has now became the hotel pro! The hotels she chose for the entire trip were all beyond our tight budget, high quality (no joke!) and highly accessible! *clapclap*

Must eat at Taiwan no matter what LOL. So we went to the FengJia night market after throwing our luggages in the hotel room.

 Don't you think their traffic light are cute??? Haha

Yo! Wa I'm really proud of my phone for being able to take photos of nice scenes well!
So the food hunt began.
It was a weekday but the night market was so crowded! I wonder how big would the crowd be if it was a weekend. 


 Good night!

Day 2
 Morning! It's breakfast time!

 Our breakfast haha!! Ok lah eating icecream early in the morning is a no-go but who cares when it's Haagen Daaz and it's free?! Haha!

Was trying to be an intellect so we went to 科博馆 after breakfast! LOL haha! This musuem was really good for kids to learn more about science! Compared to the Natural History Musuem in New York, it's smaller but it definitely worthwhile visiting! Anyway we enjoyed ourselves here like a kid!

 勤美术馆, it's an outdoor art museum which I thought I was quite creative!

2 years ago we went here by taking public bus which was cheaper. However it was really time consuming, we decided to take the direct bus to Qingjing which saved more than 1.5hours.
yay still love the weather here! Appreciate to have such chilling weather in the hot summer! But this 民宿 was located at a very steep hill that even bus couldn't enter so we dragged our luggages up there. Nevertheless this place is really nice for holiday!

Love the Japanese Style room design!

Selfie session before dinner time!

Wahwahwah, look at the dinner. It's was included in the staycation fee and all of them are really delicious!! The food must be really nice when my mum approves haha!

Food digestion session, we decided to have a walk around. Visited the 7-11 here where Youngkyu and my brother bookmarked it as paradise. They loved the 7-11 in Taiwan so much!
Couldn't believe the night approached that fast in summer! ;(( Walao I was taught that during summer day time is longer one lo hmph. Didn't get to see the beautiful European architectures! Managed to visit the huge 7-11 and 纸箱王 instead to get our lunch for the next day.
And we bought this!

They were so expensive so must take photos before eating them LOLOL. Had this as supper and watched 康熙来了 here. Laughed like siao and slept after doing bookkeeping to conclude the expenditure of the day LOL #TreasurerOfTheTrip

Day 3
Err....I actually missed the sunrise :( 

Booked a high class car(forgot the model) to Taroko National Park! It's glad to have a skillful driver to lead us all the way to HuaLien! 

1st stop: 


2nd stop:

3rd stop:
This is one of the longest walkway in Taroko National Park! We have been thinking for so many times if we should come because of the time constrain! Decided to go in the end cause there was something that we really wanna visit at the end of this walkway!

On the way

4th stop:
after 2km walk under scorching hot sun!

Looked like noobs but bo bian lo. Must wear the helmet and raincoat to protect our brain and avoid from getting wet ma haha. #brainfirst

OMG don't ask why the cave got heavy downpour ah I forgot why already LOL. It's apparently due to natural factors la and OMG it's damn cool! I really like this place la! So suitable to come during summers cause the water was so cold and soothing hehe! It would be better if we didn't need to walk so long to here! Was so scared that my phone would fall into the water LOL, it's flowing very fast!

HAHAHA this photo so funny!

 Looks like constuctors outing LOL

OMG miss this place!

5th stop:
慈母桥, this place has a long story behind it's name (google it if you wanna know)
One very special thing was that the wind blew so strong at this place but once you left this zone(like 1 step away) and you won't feel the wind anymore lol

6th stop:

Didn't get to enter the temple behind though. There was someone hit by the stones on the way to the temple just the day before us visiting so the road was temporarily blocked. Were we lucky or unlucky? hahahaha

Look at this photo properly!!! 
Are you sure you have been starring at it properly???
It basically represents Taiwan in a whole! It really looks like the Taiwan on map!

 7th stop: 
This view is really out of what we expected! Didn't really wanted to go here at first cause it was a bit far but luckily we visited! Once we arrived we were welcome by many friends from mainland LOLLL walao they really filled up every spaces here and so fierce lololol
look at the sea! LOVE

HAHAHA don't judge us ok hahaha! No choice la we had to do this(note: ACCIDENTALLY) or we couldn't take any photos with all fierce rivals around us haha.
Despite the scaring crowd, I highly recommend to visit this place if you have the time!

8th stop:
The bay are filled with stones but not sands. My brother was acting to be the main character in the movies which they normally using full strength to throw the stone into the sea but it hit Jiajing accidentally. She is really got a bit unfortunate la haha

Thinking about life here..

Photo time!

Feel like the sea behind is engulfing me real soon haha

Hotel of the day! It's Glenwood! Newly renovated and very near to HuaLien city! The host is super friendly and take care of all guests well!

 Night was approaching and it's time to eat!3 mins walk to the 自强夜市!

Day 4
花莲早安<3 p="">

1st stop:

 Last-minute-decision to here! Took cab here and the driver was really a pro in hualien's taxi company,i think,haha. He was directing other drivers while bringing us to the destination quickly and safely. Thought we would be conned by him at first.

This place is a historical site where it was the base of Japanese army during the world war II. Learned quite a lot from my brother, he is so pro in history lah. Luckily he never studied in arts stream or the history pros will hate him I guess haha.

 The Japanese captain commit suicide here when he knew Japan was going to lose in the war. 

 There were some exhibitions ongoing as well.

The bomb shelter. My brother told me that all Japanese style building would have this in order to protect the Japanese in case they were under attack.

And we forced Youngkyu to took this photo lol hahaha. So lame but so fun hehe.

2nd stop:

Walked under the sun all the way to here.

There was a busy lady here.




LOL hahahaha

<3 p="">

I was quite impressed by Taiwan's government efforts in changing all those currently not-in-use places into tourist spots, although some really need more improvement.

Lunch was lotsa food.

this is really nice!!

Best milk I had!!! LOVE

Byebye HuaLien!!
HALO XIMEN!! *the city air,LOVE*

Two year ago I didn't get to visit here because it's closed early in the morning! XiMenDing is a night city so it sleeps in the morning sigh. But this time I finally came woohoo!

There were also handmade art and craft ongoing during weekends night. All of them were so pretty but pricey as well. Admire how talented they can be.

If I am rich enough I will buy to support handmade stuffs one!! *sobs sobs*

 Day 5

Breakfast near 龙山寺! Obviously these photos weren't taken by me la hahaha. Thanks to Tortoise!!*clap clap clap*

These temple is really very crowded lol. Learned how to 求签 like finally haha. Went to the 剥皮寮老街later and we thought there's nothing much here. Somehow we realised Koreans actually love this type of attractions!

Check in to another hotel near 双连 station and rest a bit in the evening. Well we didn't plan to stay here initially!! Thanks to Agoda, which simply cancelled our booking without prior notice and left us almost to be 'homeless' for the rest of days in Taipei!!! Grrrr. Luckily we managed to get another hotel which was high in quality as well at the very last minute.

Went 师大夜市at night! Tried to get myself another nice and cheap necklace again but failed again. Love at first sight isn't an easy thing, sigh.

Day 6

2 years ago we didnt get to explore the outskirts of Taipei so this time we planned them in although we hesitated a lot as the transportation isn't very convenient haha. 

 Saw many people 放天灯 here! But try not to do so la cause this action actually kills many owls at this area!! Cause someone wrote “我现在好幸福” LOL and I felt she wasted her TWD200 ==''



Really looks like postcard haha!
So we actually took a really really long walk(which made my brother curse us a lot, i think lol) to this Asia's Niagara Fall! The scene was really awesome! I really felt the long walk worthed!

Byebye 10%!

 Next Stop: 黄金博物馆
wahwahwah gold hahahaha. It's a very big museum on the hill and the entrance if FOC! So we spent 3 hours here exploring the Japanese mining gold here. And this place has so many chopssss OMG queueing for them with the kids HAHAHA but who cares?!?!

Taken by YoungKyu;) 
The museum was quite fun and 3 hours was actually a bit rushing cause......

We were quite tired after going Shifen due to the extremely long walk. And we visited most of the places in this museum before seeing this. Well it's summer so the museum was soooo crowded everywhere except the pathway to this Shrine!!! We were struggling if we wanna go cause we would need to climb a bit. Looking at the 600m, I proposed to go for it cause I thought the journey would be short! BUT Sorry la guys HAHAHAHA. We actually spent like 15mins(considering us were fast enough?!) to arrive this place and it's only stones on top TT On the way, we saw so many people like us smiling evilly towards us and we only knew why when we were there lolll. Took a rest before rolling down the slope hahaha.

Hi Shrine HAHA

View up here.

 And also visited the place where the Japan prince stayed when he was in Taiwan.

 Next Stop:
I must say this building is really eyecatching and beautiful for photos! We basically came here for dinner but the crowded was getting more and more cause everyone was here for sunset view. Well we wanted to, but the sunset never happened till 7pm and we had to catch the very infrequent public transport back to Taipei ;(
We also actually came to a conclusion that Korean likes places like temples, eg 龙山寺 and Japanese likes places like 九份老街! haha


Walao so we went to the bus stop and waited for 1216(if I didn't remember it wrongly) but the bus took like forever to come Sigh. This is obviously a touristy place and there are so many visitors from Taipei then why can't they increase the transportation within these two places?! RAGE lol. Ended up taking bus back to the train station and transfer to MRT later.

 Good night,:)

Day 7
two years ago we were like: 中正纪念堂? Nahhh forget about it, it must be a very boring place. So we skipped it as well hahaha. But...
Its actually quite worthy, to me at least;)
The sun was trying to kill everyone so there are less people here. We get to have our space under the sun hahahah. This place has also became the common area where the youngsters gather here to have fun/dance(under the shelter,of course hahaha)

Lunch at 鼎泰丰! Decided to came at the very last minute cause we initially think it's already aimed by only tourists nowadays, and it's not cheap. But I liked the service and 小笼包here! The waiter and waitress were really professional enough and they took care of all customers well. The walkway was a bit narrow but their facilities like toilets were superb I must say! Had a very nice lunch here! I think they were all better than the ones in Malaysia!

Love this one the most! Yam fillings Yummyyyy

Next stop:士林官邸
the NTD100 was well spent! If you are interested in European-Chinese interior design you should visit this place! Can have a peek of 蒋介石&宋美龄's life as well. I was so shocked that how powerful and influential 宋美龄 was wow. We couldn't take any photos inside but it's beautiful!
The sudden rain attacked us and we had to leave earlier sad;(

Next stop: 淡水

The sunset wasn't that beautiful this time. Sobs.

I MISS YOU 晴光红豆饼
Oh yeahhhhh, Young Kyu finally ate 臭豆腐 here ahahahaha!!

Strolling around and ate many free tester haha! Headed to 士林 later for dinner. The rain couldn't stop us haha.

Day 8

Woohoo Morning! Woke up super early for this! Wanted to go to this best location for 101's view!
And this station is the end of the latest MRT route in Taipei! Goodjob Taipei!!

Hi Elephants!

 Let's go guyssssss. It's morning so there are also some locals exercising here~ Walking over the steep staircases.



I don't know what you all think but this view was really breathtaking on top of the hill. :)
And for some unknown reasons, I felt like fainting when I reached the top LOL. Luckily I still managed to tell the rest before that lollll. And the funniest thing is that when we reached the top, there was a huge rock to climb and you could see the 101 right in front of you. So Jiajing climbed up and she was shocked by the view that she couldn't come down HAHAHA.

 Say Bye to YoungKyu and we went 诚品! Still loving this book heaven! Decided to broke ourselves by going to a hotpot buffet restaurant at night! LOVE IT la why Malaysia don't have places like this. SAD.

Anyway midnight flight was nice haha! Should arrange trips more like this next time haha
If we are still visiting Taiwan, I hope we can explore Tainan!;)
Bye Taiwan:)

And I can't wait for the next holiday 

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