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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer 2016 - The Wong Family in the United Kingdom!

8/7 - 15/7 UK

Day 1
 It's already at night when we arrive UK! OMG I must say I LOVE THE WEATHER HERE SO MUCH! It's so chilly compared to the burning Spain and Portugal! This time we are staying at a hostel near King's Cross St. Pancras Tube Station! So happy that there's a very huge Tesco near our place that we get to settle our dinner very conveniently!

Day 2
The next day early in the morning we bid goodbye with Xinyi and wait for our elder brother from Moscow! What a hectic schedule ahahaha! While waiting for him, we stroll around the station (there's a Friday market with lots of good fooddd)

The very ancient The King's Cross St. Pancras Station

But with very modern interior! There's also the very famous spot of Harry Potter but both of us decided not to take any photo with it as we aren't Harry Potter fans (I am sorry hahaha) and there's so many enthusiastic fans queuing for it!

And we wait for our brother for very longggg time (he was trapped in the custom queue sigh) that we are extremely hungry when he's here. So we opt for a brunch place near our hostel after meeting him.

Finally meeting up after 1 year! WOOHOO

 And I honestly think the price is very reasonable considering it's in UK! (around 7 pound for each)
Ohhh and we avoid paying service charges in UK(yes you can choose to not paying for it) because the expenses here is giving us a heart attack hahaha.

We are actually rushing to Prince of Wales Theater for musicals: BOOK OF MORMON *LOVES*! London is just like another NYC when it comes to broadway shows and musicals! Just search online for the musicals you love and buy the tickets in advance!  I am so happy that I actually get to watch this as I missed this when I was in NYC because the tickets are way too expensive! Only £37.50 (instead of RM300+) and I get to watch this fantastic musical! The songs are so cute, all of them can sing so well and the story line is so interesting which is totally out of my expectation! We laugh so hard throughout the 3 hours! IT'S A MUST WATCH ITEM!

After the show we walk around China Town which is very near to the Leicester Square Station. There's lots of Chinese food and products here but the price is freaking high! However, we ain't here for Chinese food, we are here for.... 

Very huge portion & yummy Japanese Bingsu with soya beans, discovered by Jiajing earlier!!! *love*

And then we admire at the cute and colorful building at Neal's Yard in Covent Garden! Aren't they look cute!?

Walking around Covent Garden!

A wild-captured British Library on the way back hahaha

Oh in London, we rely on the Data subscription of my brother's phone because we can't find any free maps in this city:( But I don't mind getting lost in this city hehe! We settled our dinner by ordering Indian food online (which I dislike initially) from Indigo because we get a discount voucher on the streer! And this is where I fall in love in authentic Indian food *love* & I finally realise that Indian food and Mamak food are different things LOL!

Day 3
Day trip - Cambridge

The next day we leave for Cambridge for a day trip! I am so angry with my brother sometimes because he can't tolerate and compromise with us during the trip. Well he's definitely a great brother but when it comes to travelling together we always have some conflicts, especially when Jiajing argues with him LOL And this time we have to miss a bus and take a later one because he doesn't want to run = = (or Jiajing and me are just too hardcore travelers lol)

See you Cambridge after 75 minutes!

And we are super lucky to come to Cambridge because there's a celebration for the approaching France national day! There's live music performance, food stalls, art &crafts and antique stalls!

 We are too hungry so we bought this pork rib before going to our lunch place! It smells so good!:)

The Nanna Mexico! The burritos is so good for our tummy!

And the expedition of Cambridge begins! There's so many youngsters visiting the Cambridge University! It's really crowded as if you are walking with sardines = = 小小声讲一句,通常来这里朝圣的人通常都进不到的啦,这就是现实社会lollll

The beautiful campus that's closed for private function! It reminds me the days in Yale University!:')

 So pretty!:)

 The ancient architectures :) We don't pay to visit any colleges like others did because each college has its own entrance fee which I am slightly mad of.... why should universities, which educate the young generations, charge people for visiting them?! In contrary, other top universities like MIT, Harvard University, Yale University (that I visited, and NUS, if it counts lol) never do this! I personally think it's very unfair la. Urgh. Nevertheless, I don't really enjoy the visit here due to the enormous crowd.
So many people queuing for this experience while the boats in the river are already colliding with each other -____- (ps: this is the less crowded part of the River Cam.)

I love this one which is taken at the Christ's College!

Bought this WOODEN roses for Xinyi graduation 3 days later! *love* It looks like the real one! And it's scented!

Act 一个 romantic hahahaa

Back to London city in the evening!

The full-with-creative-hanging Carnaby Street!

One of the best things to have siblings: shamelessly do crazy poses together (while waiting for our food) :D

And it's even better when you have a twin that can take very good selfies HAHAHA

Here comes our food at Clockjack Oven (they specialize in roasted chicken)! I don't know why but I am so amazed that the British can cook chicken very well!hahaha even the chicken breast is as tender as drumstick!!! It's so good! It a not-bad-deal when you come here with a groupon voucher!

After dinner, we abandon our brother and have sister date at Wholefood grocery shop HAHAHA and strolling around Oxford Circus Station!

Regent Street!

Take this picture and wanted to show MF hahaha

The Liberty Departmental Store at night!

Good night King's Cross St. Pancras Station!:)

Day 4

The British Museum! It's free but everyone has to undergo a security check before entering it. We reach here at 10am but it's already flooded with tourists! It's very huge with tons of  historical collections! Initially my brother and I were arguing with Jiajing that 3 hours isn't enough for us to explore everything here but in the end we left this museum within 90mins LOLOLOL. Maybe it's the crazy crowd or we really need a tour guide for the sculptures and statues @@ 

But.... all of us like FOOD! Hahaha! So we go to the Borough Market across the Thamus River (highly introduced by Jiajing the food pro)

It's so quiet from the exterior that we think that we miss it but it's so happening at the inside! There's even an event for France National Day! (spot the balloons with red, white and blue!)

You get food samples everywhere!hehehe

We had this German Bratwurst! (ps: London is just like NYC, it's a melting pot of culture, religion and food! Other than fish and chips, they have food from everywhere!)

This is how English Muffin look like!

We have Pad Thai that successfully fix our Asian food cravings! (Have never eaten Pad Thai in Bangkok but have it in UK LOL) It's very tasty but super spicy because I add many red chilli flakes on it! HAHAHAHA 

And then we decided to pay a visit to the Tate Modern Britain Museum, which is free as well! We regret for not spending more time here because the exhibitions and collections here are so beautiful and interesting compared to the British Museum! (Well, it's something like the MoMA in NYC, anyway art is very subjective; love it or hate it)

Then we continue over way to St Paul's Cathedral. To get to this cathedral, we have to cross the Millennium Bridge to the over side of the Thamus River! It's so funny to see my brother walking carefully yet in his fastest pace as he has a bit of acrophobia HAHAHA #badsisters! He kepting telling us how unsafe and unstable the bridge is when we really feel there's nothing lol, Nevertheless, it's a very pleasant walk!


The St Paul's Cathedral

View of London from the top of a building near St. Paul's Cathedral

After chilling for some time, we head back to the hostel to pack our luggage and leave for Victoria Coach Station to meet my parents! We are taking a night bus to Cardiff! It took us 3 hours++ to reach Cardiff! It was already 12am++ and the weather here is much more chilling because Cardiff is by the bay! OMG can you imagine the midnight wind slapping your body but you have to brave through it or you will die before reaching your place hahaha #drama

This is the common area of our hostel! We are staying at the Mrs Potts Hostel! Despite the poor internet connection (which make me having some hard time finding for modules for Semester 1 AY2016/2017 lol) I love how cosy it is although we have a 6 person double decker room! I still feel that I get to enjoy some private time before sleeping when I close the curtain of my own bed! 

Day 5
Day trip - Bath

Starting the day with the traditional Welsh Cakes in the market! 10 for £3 and the coconut flavor is the best! hehe

Perhaps the cheapest thing in Europe is the desserts haha!

A giant version!

Embarking on the journey to Bath today!

But first, you need to treat your tummy with some good food!

Some random beautiful yet less touristy places in Bath behind the Plutney Bridge after visiting the Victoria Art Gallery (a gallery with awesome paintings!)!:)

The Royal Crescent! I am so amazed to see this place in real life! The blue sky + beautiful Georgian architecture + huge patch of grasses are absolutely gorgeous to me! There's even Asians (yes, Asians lol) taking wedding photos or graduation photos here!

Yes can you see the award winning title? It's approved by my family hahaha

Take away because eating in is more expensive here! :(

The Bath Abbey! I kind of loving the interior design here! It's slightly different from other churches in Europe!

And the very cute Umbrella Street in the Bath Southgate Shopping Centre!

After having dinner, I help Jiajing to carry her 30kgs++ luggage from Xinyi's place lol. We actually walk around 30 minutes to her place and then carry the freaking heavy luggage back LOL (when we tell our parents that we are cabbing back = =)

The City Hall of Cardiff!

Xinyi's place!

Spend the night busy packing & rearranging Jiajing's 30+++ kgs of luggage tonight so that they're ready to be sent to Italy the next day!

Day 6
Uhhhh it's a busy day for everyone hahaha! The leading role of the day is busy for sure; me and my brother are the personal assistants of Jiajing + babysitters of our parents = =

A photo with an important statue (I think it is lol cause everyone is taking photo with it HAHA) 
I accompany her to the city hall first to collect the graduation gown and all after slapping some make up on her face haha!

The 2nd youngest  but the 1st graduate in the family LOL. Some more set such a high benchmark that none of us will be able to achieve HAHAHA

Beatles Inspired photo in the street haha! So silly but so fun!

After baby-sitting my parents + sending them to the place where the graduation ceremony takes place + ensuring the express delivery company is here (for the luggage) , it's finally the PAs' (aka my brother & I haha) lunch! We have a very pleasant Welsh lunch at Madame Fromage (it's a French name though lol) which is really really good! Seriously cheese is perfect for almost everything! #timetoconsidertostayineuropehaha Oh & my brother is happily amazed by how fine the breads quality is!

Le Soupe des Choufleurs (HAHAHA)

Some tasty lamb soup that I forgot the name!

The evening agenda is to return the graduation robe with my sister & tour around Jiajing's university!

For dinner we opt for a Korean restaurant, which is 30 mins walk away from our place! (Erm initially we planned to visit a famous Welsh restaurant but then we cancelled the booking cause we wanna save more hahaha + my dad has a purely Asian preference for food). On the way we passed by this quaint & picturesque place that I really like!:) *loving my own photos haha*

The Asian dinner situation, which is really good! I think it's even better than some famous Korean restaurants in Malaysia!

Day 7

Bid goodbye with the chilly and wonderful Cardiff & Hello (Again) London!

Again, we are really happy with our AirBnB as this is so spacious & beautiful! It's also accessible to so many places (15mins walk to London Eye & Big Ben, very near to groceries shops & Tube station too!) We can even see the London Eye from the windows! The sofa bed feels like a real bed & the 3 siblings share the bed together hahaha! (a room for the parents cause we wanna watch dramas until late night hohoho) The only downside is that it's on the 5th floor without a lift!

The best meal in Borough Market!!

It's 2pm by the time we arrive London and all of us are SUPER HUNGRY! So we opt for settling our lunch at the Borough Market (again!) which is quite near to our place! Then we walk across the river to see this Tower Bridge!! I love how the weather changes when we are here for 1 hour, from a sunshine bright blue sky to a super cloudy ones and it turns grey as if it's going to rain! It's really photogenic! And I can understand why so many people wanna have their wedding photoshoot here!

The blue is perfect!

Thank you airplane for the perfect photobomb-ing! hehe

Here comes the clouds

The tower bridgge under the invasion of grey clouds. (from the other side)

Taken by my brother, the Creative Director: ME haha

This is what silly siblings do! HAHA

A far view!

Oh one funny thing happens here! You can visit Tower Bridge (with admission fee) where you will be able to walk on the high-level walkways with transparent glass floor! As my brother has acrophobia, he's so nervous when we lie that we're walking up there after that! He keeps warning us about how unsafe & risky it's lololol (HELLO every year got so many visitors pleaseeee).  We laugh so hard when we see the sign of relieve on his face after telling him that it's just a joke HAHA #thisiswhatsiblingsdo

Simply but beautiful dinner flatlay!

After chilling for a while our cosy place, we decided to catch the sunset view at the Big Ben & London Eye (around 9pm!)

not bad right hehe

Big Ben with the under-renovation-Palace of Westminster

The siao siblings trying hard to be normal here haha!

So pretty! and there's so many professional photographers standing by there to capture the beautiful moments

And the beautiful London Eye!!!!

After watching dramas (yes it's a must do activity for the siblings hahaha) & busy packing luggage hahaha, GOOD NIGHT LONDON!

Day 8
Visit the Imperial War Museum which is FOC! It's so good (& educational hahaha) I especially love the Holocaust Exhibition (permanent) where I spend most of my time here! It's really a meaningful & heartbreaking exhibition that I get a lil moody after this. We prefer this museum to the British Museum hahahaa!

After that, we bring our parents to the China Town (to satisfy my dad's Asian food cravings, which is so weird cause he always wanted to see Western food in Malaysia= =) & 3 of us go to a very famous Indian restaurant: Dishoom!

Tada! London makes me fall in love with authentic Indian food!hahaha! Dishoom is realy popular & famous & not bad but I still prefer the delivery from Indigo! HAHAHA

Then, we meet up with the parents & visit the Oxford Circus area to shop a little bit!
I can't believe it's my brother who shop the most in London LOLOLOL

Summary of the shops:
Sports Direct.Com/ Foot Locker for very cheap &large variety of sport shoes
Marks & Spencer for the best local groceries *Love* hahaha
Holland & Barrett / Whole Foods Market for organic & healthy food
Dorothy Perkins/ Miss Selfridge /New Look .....

Dinner is at the atas Marco Pierre White Steak & Alehouse! This restaurant is open by the Gordon Ramsay's 师傅! We bought the groupon voucher beforehand so it's affordable haha & the food here is quite yummy & creative!

Day 9
Buckingham Palace (which is super crowded) so we don't take any photos. Basically we can only see people at this area ==

Chill for a while & shop a little then we bid goodbye with my dad & head to the airport!

To me, London somehow looks like NYC because it's a melting point of many ethnics, nationality & religions! You can literally find any food from any country here! It's my 2nd favorite city after Budapest!:)
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