Saturday, January 21, 2017


Recording the best moments in Europe *love*


The most impressive architecture: The legacy of Gaudi that held me in awe

The most magical moment : The impressive Magic Fountain of Montjuïc 

The prettiest seascape: The view from the Mediterranean Balcony at Tarragona 

The most scrumptious meal : The authentic local buffet at El Tiberi *sobs*

The moment that I miss the most: Having a picnic-like meal while watching a comedy on the bed :)


The most romantic moment: Walking along the Porto river and looking at the egg-yolk like sunset *love*

The unforgettable moment: having a picnic at Praia dos Ingleses, Porto that faces Atlantic Ocean (although it's super windy lol)

Things I love the most:Blue tiles everywhere! *love*

The best travel companion!!!

The best meal:  The most delicious pastéis de nata and breads from local cafe + sweetest cherries + hot coffee in Airbnb!

True love I found in Porto: Sangria *Awwwww*


The prettiest view: View from a miradouro that made me feel that I AM IN GREECE

The most magnificent castle: The Pena Palace on the mountain that totally worth climbing the slopes!

The yummiest tart (to my liking): Pastéis de nata from Tartine

The most delectable meal (part 1):  Our domestic home-cooked meal *love*

The most delectable meal (part 2): The buffet at Rosa da Rua (Had the best codfish here!!!)


A must do: Watch musicals in London! Book of Mormon was really funny and worth the price! (Tickets are cheaper too!)

                        The most picturesque streets: LIKE THIS! 真的是值了! *love*

The best meal: Roast chicken & Salad at Clockjack Oven! (UK's chicken taught me that chicken breast can be very tender too lol)

The awesome travelmates: The annoying siblings!

Err, adding this because this is nice HAHA.


The most important moment: The sister graduated! (left & right: The best assistants of the day)

The most memorable meal: The local Welsh dishes with CHEESE at Madame Fromage *yummy!*

The special memory: Lugging my sister's 30++kg luggage from Xinyi's place to our hostel in the evening LOL.


The most awe-inspiring building: Yes, nothing can beat the Eiffel Tower!

A must visit bistro: Le Bistro d'Henri!


The 'wow' view: Flags of countries in front of the Brussels City Hall

The really,really worth visiting museum: Musee des Instruments de Musique which is super interesting!

Food we love the most: CHOCOLATES AND WAFFLES!

The random pretty things that I appreciate: The comic strip walls that you can see at almost everywhere!


(no photo)
The 'wow' moment: Visiting the Red Light District!

The most magical moment: Random fairylights on the tree!

The most delicious food: Pancakes from Pancakes Amsterdam *really really love*

The best souvenir: STROOPWAFELS from the market from the local grocery store! *really love*

The mesmerizing view like this! Pretty flowers + canals!


Must visit 1: ↑↑

Must visit 2: The Berlin Parliament

The nicest food: Roast Pork Knuckle & Berlin style meatballs at Zur Letzten Instanz


The most awesome view: The Chain Bridge

The most awesome night view: The Budapest Parliament & the Buda view from the Pest side *love*

The best meal in Budapest: hyper full meal in Castro Bistro!

The worthwhile visiting spot: Széchenyi Thermal Bath

The picture that I love (hehe)


↑↑↑↑ Places/ views that I like (can't write much because I didn't get to visit Vienne thoroughly:( )


My favourite resto: Oniga (super warm ambience & great food!)

The view that I like most (Venice): The simple yet beautiful view from Santa Maria della Salute

The most romantic & extraordinary view: SUNSET *love love love*

The breathtaking scene: The colourful & picturesque buildings in Burano!


Picture that I love the most: historical site near the Rome Parliament

The amazing view: The Trevi Fountain (super crowded though lol)

A must see: The ancient Rome legacies

Amount that I spent in Europe for 34 days (excluding return flights to KL): RM8000++

Okay I am finally concluding my Europe trip! Missing Europe so badly right now TT

--- THE END ---
Maira Gall