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stunNing travelbook 2 - Switzerland (Visp, Zeneggen, Zermatt, Matterhorn)

messy hair don't care

So after a few outings, Yishan asked me if I wanna join her to Zermatt & Matterhorn during the weekend! And of course I said YES hehe! skip lesson for the trip  *travelfirst

Why visit Visp & Zeneggen? 
They were totally out of plan... but we came to a conclusion to stay at Zeneggen, a small village near Visp simply because Zermatt is too touristy & we can't afford any accommodation there!:/ But it turns out that all of us love Zeneggen, despite of the inconvenience of taking public transport back to our place as it has only limited bus schedules on weekends. It's the awesome mountains view & really, really nice people that make us feel comfortable here!:)

10/3 Visp & Zeneggen

After a 2-hour train ride, Hpone, Samuel, Yishan & I first arrive at Visp (Because Hailing & Anqi missed the train to the town hahaha). While waiting for them, we wander around the Visp old town with the map we got from the tourist office!

We bump into a church that's empty on a Friday evening and I pretty like the stained glass of this church! We stay in it for a while, admiring the interior design & discussing what kind of church it is. I like this kind of intellectual exchange, it makes me feel a lil smarter LOL hahaha.

Guess where's our next stop?

Jiajing's favourite grocery shop HAHA because we are cooking for all meals! *life in Switzerland*
 I wish there is one in Lausanne, :/

Hailing & Anqi are here at that time & all of us are busy gossiping about the new potential pair in Asian Unite -- Gibson & Cynthia, even the guys join us in this topic HAHA! Gossiping is good when it makes the long 15mins walk shorter hehe! And guess what, they're still busy chatting & updating each other on the same topic in Lidl that they don't even care what are we buying for the 5 meals in Visp & Zermatt LOL. So while they're walking around with the empty trolley and chatting non-stop, Hpone & I take charge of buying all ingredients (except alcohol, the alcoholic Yishan & Samuel crazily put 5 bottles of wines & 6 cans of beers into our trolley LOLOLOL) 

We spend around CHF120.- in Lidl but hey it's pretty cheap because it includes ingredients of 5 meals for 6 people, wines, beers and tidbits for alcohol LOL. So it's like CHF4.- for each meal! :D

Before checking into the Airbnb at Zeneggen, we visit the Pürumärt, a local Friday evening market! The vendors are really friendly & nice, even if we didn't buy things from them!:) We have a good chit-chatting session with the locals & they even provide us with useful infos! I always feel grateful to meeting kind souls when I'm travelling! They never fail to make me loving that place more!

 Have a sip of the beer they bought! The packaging is so nice!

We catch the evening bus up to the mountain, and it takes us 20mins to arrive Zeneggen. We have some hard time finding for our Airbnb (actually it's super near to the bus stop, just that there's some communication problem between us & the host as she can only speak German) but the locals here are really helpful! We meet two groups of people & they volunteered to help us & guide us to our Airbnb!:) *super thankful!:)*

We end up spending 20mins more searching for our place, when it's actually 5mins walk away from the bus stop LOL. All of us are super tired after that because we have been dragging our luggage & groceries up & down the slopes hahaha.

Our airbnb for 2 days! The host is an old lady & she's actually very nice! She prepares us with a bottle of wine & fruits, and her family are very helpful in providing us with tips to travel in Zermatt! The total cost is cheap too, only CHF140.- for 6 people & for 2 nights!

After chilling for 30mins (with wine & cheese hahaha), we start preparing for the dinner! And guess what, none of the girls can cook lol! So they opt for resting & the guys volunteer to help me hahahaha! They are indeed good assistants if they could stop calling me chef haha!

Ok la it's actually a very simple dinner but to them it's difficult so they thought I'm really good in cooking lololol.

The after dinner event is playing card games and the one who loses has to drink, apparently drinking is the main agenda here haha! I'm really worried about them, especially Hailing, when they're drunk, maybe because I never see anyone getting drunk before la lol. They get so high & keep on saying that they arent' drunk LOL & ... cry after that LOLOLOL.
Ps: They're shocked when I tell them that I never see people getting drunk like this lol.

--The night ends with a drinking mess--

Day 2 Zermatt & Matterhorn

Good morning Zeneggen!:)
It's such a beautiful view! 

Wake up at 7am & go for a stroll with Hailing (the one who is drunk yesterday but still wake up that early LOL)!
ps: the rest wake up only at 9am hahaha.

The 30mins walk is totally worth it with such amazing views! Can tell why we love Zeneggen?:)

And we see cute Llamas on the way back too!:)

They have prepared the breakfast when we're back *yay!* & we have a super chilling breakfast & chit-chat about all nonsense haha! Before heading to Zermatt, we pack sandwiches as our lunch too!

It's an hour train ride from Visp to Zermatt! We buy a return train tix from Zermatt to Gornergrat at a rate of CHF38.-, which a really a good deal!
PS: There's no way to reach the peak of Matterhorn (the Toblerone mountain) & Gornergrat is one of the best places to see the Matterhorn!

Hello Matterhorn!:)

It's cloudy but still I love it!:)

It's a popular spot for skiing too! (Oh boy... skiing is freaking hard lol)

It's not that crowded here, considering that it's still not the peak season for tourists! We're saying that we won't even be able to see Matterhorn if it's a summer, only heads will be seen at everywhere AHAHA.

It looks romantic! It's snowing!

But it's actually fake snows made by Samuel HAHAHA!

To be honest, I thought that I will be sick of mountains (& lakes) soon! But once I am Gornergrat, I am once again amazed by the mountain views, especially Matterhorn!

Our original plan is to hike around but we end up having a snow fight here hahaha! It's really fun! Oh we tried building a snowman here but we give up after... 30 seconds because our hands are freezing without waterproof gloves hahaha!

Hailing: Why y'all aren't building snowman now?
Us: It's too cold, our hands are freezing!
Hailing: You guys are losers!
(Hailing starts building snowman)
(After 1 minute)
Hailing: It's too cold, I give up.

One of the victims of the snow fight haha!
I think we're the noisiest group up there but who cares, we just wanna have fun! hehe

We are CGOG--Cynthia Gibson Observation Group! In case others ask what's CGOG, we'll say it's Chinese Going Out Group HAHAHA. It's my first time feeling I'm not really that 38 & am not a pro stalker! They are pro stalkers, I'm not kidding hahah!

Another group shot! It's so fun hanging out with this melange of crazy & responsible ones!:)

Walking around the famous Zermatt shopping street (all branded goods) before going back too!

And once again, after some wine & cheese session, we cook dinner again! It's quite satisfying to see everyone is enjoying your cook:)

Throughout the trip, it's most Hpone & I (the oldest & the youngest, such a contrast HAHAHA) planning for our transportation, accommodation, places to visit & groceries! I really don't know what are the 姐姐们 doing *cries* But ok la, I like planning for trips so that I have a better understanding of the places I'm visiting!

We spend the night playing cards, drinking & gossiping until 3am! (And I'm the one who fall asleep first hahaha!) These people are really alcoholic, they finish everything & start blaming each other for not buying more alcohol LOL. #哭笑不得

 Day 3 Visp & Lausanne

The travel withdrawal is real when I'm leaving Visp *sobsss*

Have a really late brunch because everyone couldn't wake up after last night haha!

I'm glad that Yishan invited me at first so that I can explore these places with this bunch of funny & kepoh ones hehe! Can't wait for more trips in the future hehe!

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