Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hello from Lausanne, Switzerland

-- 1 month before going to Switzerland --

How it feels like when everyone is having school and I'm having a one-month holiday break:


1. Getting enough sleep & wake up with delicious breakfast prepared by Jiajing/ going out to satisfy my food craves.

Go Klang just for the BKT haha!

 2. Exciting staycation on the last day of 2016 with Jiajing without letting my parents know HAHA.

3. First time counting down(the awesome fireworks!!!) and welcoming the new year with my besties! *love*


4. Going on food dates with mama & Jiajing, but mostly with Jiajing HAHA #partnerincrime

The overrated Omaya.

Malaysian Food Court Food that's much better than SG's (I'm sorry! HAHA)

Sometimes we try to act healthy too!


5. Celebrating a proper CNY after 3 years! By proper I mean Spring Cleaning > Preparing reunion dinner > Gathering with relatives > Getting angpaos from everyone I meet LOL

Homemade Lousang prepared by #theWongsisters HAHA!

The Lees Family!

The closest ones :)

The best Partner in Crime!

6. Celebrating mama's birthday like finally too!

Pecan Lemon Cheesecake baked by #theWongsisters! I miss it!

7. Gathering, gathering...until I don't feel like going out anymore LOL. Meeting the important ones in my life! *love*

This one who left me all alone in KR :( But still we have endless topics & laugh like mad ones until people in Ben's Grocery Store@Publika judge us LOL.

My Besties in Munchoong & CHKL! Can't believe that my best friends become each other's best friend in uni! What a small world!

My best best best friend +Pxiu Lew! No picture together because it's meant to be a secret date between both of us hehe! I really miss the days sitting next to this girl!:) I'm sorry but I'm gonna stick on you like an octopus until I die HAHA #Est2011

Meeting up with Parkson, Yushi and Waiyun!:) A good gossiping and secret-revealing night! HAHA 

8. Read a good book: The Kite Runner like finally! THIS IS SERIOUSLY GOOD.

9. Watch a Korean Drama (I only approve those recommended by Xinyi after The Triple Tour HAHA) & cry like a siao one, don't judge me please.

I even love the soundtracks haha!

 10. Exercise with the monster@Jiajing. LOL

-- 13/2, 1 day before going Switzerland --

Leaving KLIA for Changi Airport in the evening after have a great fight with my dad LOL. #siderhaka Haih feeling super regretful that I cry throughout the 1 hour flight although I don't think I'm wrong for standing my ground... Guess that my dad doesn't expect that I have 100% inherited to his stubbornness, lol.

Nevertheless, meeting these VIPs make me feel much better!:)

Feeling soooo happy to meet these 2 girls again after 2 months! *love* Feel so grateful that they insist in having a meal together before I leave despite their busy schedules/works/studies/and err... dating HAHA! We have a really good talk & laugh during the 2 hours dinner!:) They are just like my elder sisters in NUS, always taking care of me although they always laugh at me/ sometimes more blur than me (especially Joce HAHA)

And this bunch of 6A Zhongers!:) Super paiseh but also thankful that they purposely wait for me at the airport to see me off!:) I am so happy to see Small Fish again after 6 months & am so surprised to see Kiang Loong coming to the airport! And of course Cath hehe! Thanks for always giving me warmth, care & encouragement in your own way!:) I am so blessed to have you by my side since high school:')

My best friends from Malaysia!:)

Esme's aca group + Huikoon! :) 

Of  course I'm super happy to see my busiest BFF @Bryan HAHA. THANKS for always helping me out when I'm feeling nervous/lost. I thought my exchange was going to be doomed even before I step out of SG when the counter attendant said I needed a student visa/return tix to leave SG LOL. And also being caring as always!:) And also the Esme who acts like my papa, bringing so much laughter, nagging me to be careful and educating me how to use the turtle bag y'all give me! 

Thank you you you you for staying with me till so late! And also the gifts (you guys 100% know what I need ah HAHA) Y'all won't know how important you guys are to me!:) I can't stop thinking of what I have done in my life to meet you guys! :') #mybestfriendsarebetterthanyours #三生有幸

--Week 1 in Switzerland -- 

SG > Geneva

It's my first time taking Qatar & to Doha Airport! And I think Doha Airport is prettier than Abu Dhabi's! Feeling so lucky to have the entire row of seats all for myself hehe! The movie marathon ends only when the flights land hahaha!


Have to commemorate the first heart attack in Switzerland: 31CHF train ride to our airbnb OMG!

the Click 5 (we hsve our own group when the Asians Unite is growing bigger lol): Lianne, Gibson, Hpone & Hailing!

Tired but happy faces before going to the airbnb in Grandvaux! We don't know that there are more challenges awaiting us at Grandvaux.... we have to drag our luggage up on to a hill! Google Maps says that it's just 600m away from the train station but it doesn't say the altitude difference!? LOL For the first time in life that I feel I'm such a weak girl LOL. We take around 30mins to reach the airbnb (note: it's just 600m lol) 

One of the slopes, the airbnb is so near yet so far. We name this our 1st cardio workout in  Switzerland hahaha!

 And we spend the evening doing more cardio *hahaha* by exploring the north of Grandvaux LOL & walking to a 2km far grocery shopping to buy the ingredients for dinner! (We asians need to save haha)

The famous wine region: Lavaux! They say it's very pretty during the summer!

I like this pic of the train station :)

Le premier dîner en Suisse!

We tried watching a movie in French (but I fell asleep even before it ends HAHA) before going to bed because this airbnb has a very cool huge cinema-like room!

Bonne nuit!:)


Waking up earlier than the rest due to the jetlag and I finally have time to have a proper look at my gifts!:) #ireallyhavebestfriends

Guys, FYI I'm using this turtle bag almost everyday for school haha! It's usefulness is 1000% haha!

And this beautiful scarf! Have been trying not to use it to keep it clean but I guess I have to use it soon cause it's really cold #springwhereareyou!!! *I really love the card:)*

Have a good stroll in Grandvaux (yes, slopes *3) before checking out from the airbnb!

Meeting my new room soon!

My Hostel@Maison de la Bourdonnette

First impression: OMG my hostel manager is so fierce TTTT. He's so strict & principled that he rejected my checking list for 4 TIMES TTTT For the 1st time I miss the KR hostel admin LOL. I am so scared of him that I swear that I won't lose my keys & do anything wrong so that I won't see him again *cries*

And guess what, I have to drag my luggage all the way up to 3rd floor because there is no elevator here OMG. I can't imagine what am I going to do when I leave this place -______-

My room!  I'm hit by the emptiness in me when I've finally completed the check-in process, either because I am all alone now that I have the time to tidy up my mind/feelings or my room is too big LOL. So I force myself to clean the room & unpack everything before I feel worse :/

Ps: Can't even close the shelf up there because... it's too high for me HAHA

I'm sharing the house with the other 4 and this place is going to be my kitchen for the next 4 months HAHA.


Lausanne City Tour

So UNIL & EPFL actually have a Erasmus Student Nation and they are very active in organizing activities for Erasmus students. We decided to explore this city with them before the Spring semester begins!

Can you see the crowd? They are all Erasmus students who are joining the city tour today!
And... we hardly see any Asians here lol.

Wandering around the Riponne area & somehow it reminds me of the postcard of the streets in Montreal that Bryan sent me! :)

The Lausanne Cathedral! Gonna spend some time going into the cathedral like a tourist someday haha!

After strolling around we go into a Denner (Discount Supermarket) to get some drinks & food for picnic in a park!

The Palace of Justice which is facing the park!

I think having a picnic at the park in a winter evening is really a brave act LOL. We tried our best to enjoy ourselves in the cold haha!

My first bottle of wine in Lausanne/Switzerland!
Since Switzerland only exports 3% of their local wines I should splurge on them right?! (In fact, it's still lying in the fridge after 2 weeks lol)

The sunset is beautiful!:)

The mountains + the street view! :)

And the Click 5 group meet a new Asian: Yishan from NTU@Taiwan, like I said, Asians are precious lol ( I asked her if she knows Waiyun haha!) 
Lianne & I are both feel touched when we know she's studying in UNIL too because most of the exchange students are studying in EPFL, our neighboring university!

Ps: I'm like wearing the thickest coat here (cause warmth>fashion lol) but until the night I survive when everyone is freezing HAHA!


UNIL Welcome Day

It's drizzling & I don't know why but the campus that I will often go to, UNIL-Dorigny isn't pretty like what we see from Google haha. Oh well, maybe it will look better when the spring comes.-_____-

It's a boring Welcome Day from exchange students at school= =

Why Jiajing said Europe uni's welcome day is fun & interesting & got many freebies (cheapskate here haha!) but mine has nothing but speeches & slides ?! Why?! I am disappointed :(

Rush to the town (Flon) to get my residence permit settled before the office closes lol. I'm still trying to be accustomed to their work-life balance office hours here. Thank God when I finally settle this matter! Finally feel like I'm legal to stay here lol.


ESN Campus Rally

It's really a nice event meeting the Eramus students from everywhere! (Russia, Norway, HK, France, USA,...) Some games like singing La Vie En Rose together is really lame but I like my group alot!:) And I am really amazed that how knowledgeable they are when they answer most of the Swiss quiz correctly! (Or how stupid I am LOL)

And I finally have a proper look at my school, University of Lausanne! It's actuall quite big that there is 3 metro stops (UNIL-Dorigny, UNIL-Mouline & UNIL-Sorge) passing by it! 

And I can go to Lac Leman everyday if I want haha!

The campus rally ends at a pub but we opt for having a dinner at a Kebab store instead of joining the rest at a pub! The Click 5 is slowly growing into an Asian Unite when we meet more Asians! Hello Cynthia from Canada, Lok & Samuel from Hong Kong & Amy from Korea!:)

 It costs me CHF11(=RM48.4) for a Kebab wrap *criessss* And it doesn't taste nice at all what even.

Leaving the big & empty (lol) room ( And it's worse when I don't see any housemates after 2 days staying here) to meet new friends & explore new places never fail to make myself feel better & more meaningful!
At nights I often question myself why coming to Switzerland feels so different from settling down in SG 3 years ago? I guess that I was lucky to have reliable family/friends & friendly strangers helping me out all the time back in SG so that's why:') Ahh I miss you guys a lot!


Ouchy & Lutry Day Trip

Wah I like this photo! Thanks strangers haha!

We are here to take artistic photos have a picnic... in the cold LOL. Apparently the locals have picnic at the lakeside during weekends too!

Food is already so cold but the views here are gorgeous!

Sorry you'll see lot of my face from here HAHA.

We wanted to visit the Olympic Museum (Lausanne was the host of one of the Olympic Games) but the entrance tix is very pricey! Nah we are going there only when it's free hahaha.

And one of us suggested Lutry so yeah it's our next stop!
We walk along the lake for around 75mins but it's really a good walk with beautiful scenes & the weather is pretty good!:) 

Everything is blue but why still so beautiful???

Yeah that's me contemplating about my life HAHA

And Lutry, here we are!!!
It's around 630pm when we arrive so we decided to catch the sunset before leaving:)

I struggle to climb onto these stones *cries*

Hello Sunset! ;)
It's freezing cold when the sun sets! We bid goodbye with each other and leave the city! It's twas a fun day exploring new places of this city!:)


School begins

I take a photo of HEC when I managed to find my classroom & enter early LOL.

When the lecture is bigger & it's obvious for me to take a photo haha!

Visiting EPFL, the neighboring university, when they have free food tasting! Raclette Cheese!!!

A selfie when I'm late to lesson because I went to the wrong campus (most of my lessons are at UNIL-Dorigny) and wrong classroom & I don't dare to enter the classroom as everyone's staring at me LOL.

So this is the UNIL-Sorge Campus!

My school also has a river yo! Haha!

And most of the time I walk to my school because taking metro is a luxury lol. Actually my hostel & UNIL-Dorigny is very near.... if there isn't2 highways in between LOLOLOL.

--After 3 weeks in Switzerland--

Cook like a chef

I know how to cook since 12 years old & I can say my chopping/cutting/slicing skill (anything that uses a knife) is quite good lol. I cook alot in SG too but the thing is that I always anyhow cook one. Like random dishes to clear my fridge lol. Even Jiajing complaints when I'm in Msia lol.

But in Switzerland I have to cook 3 meals a day cause I feel like crying to eat out, not even in school canteen LOL. So I try to cook properly (following recipes) so that I feel healthy and happy hahaha.

Spinach Onion Mushroom & Feta Cheese Flatbread (Breakfast with Hailing)

Oatcake, milk & fruit yogurt

Veges & beans Baked egg with Bread! (Actually it has a fancy name but I forgot lol)

 Another Baked Egg Recipe!

Anyhow cook one. lol.

Chicken soup? No problem! hahaha

Salad & white wine (that I still couldn't finish now lol) when your fridge is empty haha!

Why miss Asian food when you can cook on your own?



Life is getting a lil better!:) I still miss everyone but now I know I'm feeling better when I enjoy doing grocery shopping & cooking, exploring new places & planning for my upcoming trips hehe! what's study? 
Although I sometimes feel a lil heartache for having to pay for so many things & sometimes I'm frustrated by myself for being weak when I'm confronting problems & bad peoples LOL. 

But other than that, I'm fine! :)
See you!:)

I update blog as slow as a tortoise -_________- 

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