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stunNing travelbook 6 - Copenhagen, London, Lucern

Hello blog! I'm back again cause I don't feel like studying now LOL 
sorry I don't have any other creative reasons

So I was asking Michelle if she's interested to travel with me in Europe after her exams! We decided to meet at Copenhagen before going to London and Switzerland!

- I was travelling alone in Hamburg before meeting Michelle! Hmm... lemme think if I'm writing a post about my experience in Hamburg-

Dragged my luggage all the way to the bus station only to find out that Euroline cancelled the bus to Copenhagen at 8am without informing the passengers?! Had to buy another Flixbus ticket on spot or I would have to stay in Hamburg for one more day LOL.

The bus ride took about 6 hours but it wasn't that bad because the passengers got to walk around when the bus boarded the ferry to enter Copenhagen!

And I finally arrived the Copenhagen at 2pm! I casually explored around while looking for my hostel since I had plenty of time before meeting Michelle hehe!

Tada this was the hostel that I stayed in for the following 2 nights! It was super pretty and was perfectly located at Nyhavn that we got to witness the beauty of Nyhavn at different timings! (normally hostels with superb locations are relatively more expensive but surprisingly it was the cheapest option I could get for 18.5 to 20.5!)

Aren't they lovely!?
I really love Nyhavn although it was touristry and was always flooded with poeple! 
They were taken while I was waiting for Michelle hehe! I kept on running in and out of the hostel (as if I was really busy lol) ) so that I wouldn't miss meeting Michelle!

Andddd I finally met her after 1 year haha! The finally-not-alone Copenhagen trip then began!

Passed by the relatively smaller Rosenburg Castle and the huge garden on the way to discover the cinnamon roll HAHA.

We reached the Torvehallerne after a 20-minute stroll! And we are here for the famous cinnamon roll @ Laura's Bakery! It was highly recommended by my professional foodie aka my sister (seriously, this's the first thing she asked me to go for when I told her that I'm visiting Copenhagen, as if she's the ambassador of Laura's Bakery LOL) 

What's next? ... Groceries at the Netto Supermarket HAHA! Trying to live like a local! No choice ah, everything in Copenhagen are expensive sobs.
FYI, the cost of living in Copenhagen is ranked the 17th out of 512 countries (Sep 2017). I was just escaping from the take-all-my-money Lausanne to the one of the most expensive places in the world LOL.

Nothing much, it was just me and my-awesome-neighborhood hehe.

Home-cooked dinner with Michelle yayy!

The after-dinner-activity was to stroll along the Øresund sea and see the little mermaid! It was after 7.30pm but the sky was still bright because summer was approaching!

We saw huge ships, we saw sailors, but we didn't see Popeye (the sailor man) hahaha lame

Some random but beautiful statues in Kastellat!

Oh Hello The Little Mermaid!
Actually it was a lot more tiny than we have expected that we were quite disappointed, but we couldn't blame it since it is called the LITTLE Mermaid LOL. Nevertheless, I think people should come and have a look of it cause if not, it will be like not seeing the Mannekin Pis when in Brussels, the Liberty Statue when in New York, the Merlion when in Singapore lol.

Actually, I had another twins here HAHAHA.
Must pose properly cause it was very hard to reach this huge rock with my short legs tail for a photo ahaha!

The mermaids with Michelle HAHA. 
Sorry I can be very shameless here since this is my blog hehe!
I was asking Michelle join the mermaid club but she refused to *sobs* cause she didn't want others to think that she was crazy haha (like me).
Ps: If you are curious, I actually hard a hard time climbing up & down from the rock because it is beyond the length of my legs hahaha.

Passed by the Amalienborg Palace where the Denmark's royal family still resides in!

Reached the hostel around 10pm and chit chatted abit before going to bed! It's weird that we have never met each other since year 2 despite studying in the same faculty in NUS until we were both in Europe for SEP! You know... girls can be quite chatty and gossiping is a must to keep each other updated haha (my professor would have said this is a logical fallacy of sweeping generalization if she had seen this haha!) Nevertheless, I was so happy that we didn't act awkwardly after not seeing each other for so long :)

Good night... with snores by an elder man lol.


Good morning! We were going to Hillerød, a Danish town at the north for the Frederiksborg Castle & Garden! 
We opted for the 24-hour ticket for 'all zones' at DKK130 because it would be cheaper than buying one-way tickets! We tried buying tickets using cash but unfortunately the machines only accepted cards (which caused us to have extra money left upon leaving Copenhagen lol) I found that the trains can be quite complicated in Copenhagen but you can just ask anyone you meet if you are at the right platform because the people here are generally friendly! :)

Breakfast was this super duper delicious cinnamon roll! I miss it so muchhh!

It took us more than an hour to reach the Hillerød train station! 
Oh man.... look at the grey sky :(

We walked around the neighborhood, which was super quiet and empty at 9am morning that we questioned ourselves if we were too early lol, for 15 mins to the castle!

It reminded me of Cambridge!

And this is the Frederiksborg Castle!
It was also recommended by Jia Jing and I think that I kinda like it!  Not visiting the inside though cause we didn't want to pay for the entrance ticket haha

I hope that I looked like a smart scholar here haha!
Nice part of being early at the tourist spots: having more time to take photos without the crowd spamming your photos!

Another one hoho.

That. mirror. effect! What a perfect reflection! *love*

OMG this one. Had to praise myself ah cause I think this photo is kinda straight? hahaha

Had a hard time finding someone to take a photo for us because it was really rare to see people at this garden at this timing lol.

And the garden is really huge!

If you look at this photo properly, you will find a huge crown in it! Wasn't this super cool!? 

The Chinese tour groups started to filling up the spaces here around 10.30am lol. We were trying to act calm when we saw an aunty wearing a long, bright red dress walking around lololol. 
It started to rain when we were about to leave that we were forced to hide in front of the ticket selling counter, hoping that the rain would stop soon so that we could catch the train back to the city!

We almost fell asleep on the way back haha! Headed to the Torvehallerne Food Market, which is just 3 mins walk from the  Nørreport Train Station!

The clean & modern Torvehallerne Food Market.

There were lots of food selection here but look at them seafood!!!

Choosing our seafood lunch yayyy!

They were so satisfying!
Awww man I really miss the food here! Bring me back to Copenhagen (with money please haha)!

Before going to the next stop, we visited the Flying Tiger Copenhagen store (aka Daiso in Copenhagen). Michelle said that things were cheaper though haha!
Things that came across my mind when I thought of Copenhagen: 
1. The Little Mermaid
2. Cinnamon Rolls hahaha
3. Expensive, lol.

4. Bikes!

Our next stop: the Freetown Christiana town!
So before the trip, Jia Jing was telling me that I would be interested at this place, but at the same time she had warned me that this place could be quite dangerous because it is an autonomous Green Light District. There used to be cannabis trade here but it was shut down after the gunshot incident in 2016. But you still see people selling weeds at the Pusher Street nowadays!

(got this picture online!)
I personally thought that it is an interesting place to explore as long as you abide by the rules!

Didn't take any photos at the Pusher Street cause I wanna leave this place safely lol.
I actually like the colourful elements here & I would recommend anyone to visit this place because it really shows the other side of Copenhagen! Can you believe this town is just situated nearby the famous Church of Our Saviour in Copenhagen???

Oh we actually rested under the shades in front of the church because it was unexpectedly hot (and we wore clothes for spring weather lol)

Passing by the Børsen (Stock Exchange) on the way to the Royal Danish Library!

Actually, we were just eagerly seeking for an air-conditioned shelter HAHA. It was really really hot!

Welcome to my secret garden,


my private swimming pool HAHA.


It was so crowded, the streets,the restaurants, the ships were all filled with people. They were clearly invading my private swimming pool for the sunset HAHAHA.

Another photo with Michelle!
Seriously we were overdressed for such warm weather haha!

Had very similar dinner as yesterday's because we wanna finish all the ingredients before leaving Copenhagen!

After dinner activitkes: did some window Shopping & sang along the famous shopping street, Strøget; watched some talented street performances; met...

the Andersen 老爷爷 who wrote stories that accompanied me throughout my childhood!:)
Thank you!!! 
He is facing the Tivoli garden, the most-visited theme park in Scandinavia!
Try looking at the word Tivoli again!
Read it from the back!
Do you get it?
(Try harder!!!)
Isn't it I-love-it???
This is super cool!

PS: If you're wondering, I was actually told by the guide of tour on the following day la, not by myself! (but thanks if you thought that I'm that smart/cool hehe)

We actually wanted to enter the amusement park but the machines didn't accept cash again???
(my friend went to Tivoli the other day and she told me cash was accepted LOL)
So we ended up walking another 30 mins back to the hostel.

The magnificient night views! I really couldn't decide which is the prettiest view of Nyhavn!

Spent the night busy packing cause we were leaving Copenhagen the next day *sobs*
Good night!


Sorry I looked horrible here because it was 6am in the morning and my eyes have just open for like 10 mins lol.

Empty street!

Empty bridge!

Empty... ships

Sleep wear & slippers (messy hair & small eyes lollll) because we just wanna feel and see the empty Nyhavn since we were staying so close to it!

And we really went back to sleep after this photo HAHA.

Oh Hi! Good morning (for real! haha)

After having breakfast & checking out, we went to Rådhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) as we were joining the Sandeman free walking tour! It was a Sunday and we were lucky to witness many blissful newly-weds here! (although we were told later that Denmark's divorce rate has been high in recent years lol)

The tour was very fun and interesting as the tour guide, who is a local here, shared lotsa stories, especially the ones regarding the royal families,throughout the 2.5-hour tour!

Before leaving the hostel in the morning, we were thinking 'hmmm, we should wear thinner clothes today cause it was quite warm yesterday'. And then the wind has been so strong once we stepped out of the hostel LOL. Good job ah Copenhagen = =

yay I rarely have good selfie so... hahaha!
People said selfies are all about angle but to me, selfies are all about luck *cries*
It was taken when we had a break before continuing the other half of the tour. I was feeling thankful for the warmth in the half and I even contemplated running back to hostel to change my clothes lol.

It was 12pm before we reached the Amalienborg Palace & we saw the Royal Guard marching towards the Rosenborg Castle!

My DKK50 and the famous statue of King Frederik V on the horseback at the courtyard.

Stomach was growling after the tour lol & we were at the Papiroen Copenhagen Street Food for lunch! It was really crowded that I was being squished like a sardine here LOL. I would prefer Torvehallerne to Papiroen!

I bought a postcard of my favourite place in Copenhagen but didn't post it to anyone cause the stamp was way too expensive (I think even Italy is cheaper than Copenhagen lol) *cries* Ohhh also spot the coin! So cute!

Spent the last few hours in Copenhagen relaxing by the port (and we saw a wedding in a ship! wowwww) and buying more cinnamon rolls because we had money left and we love the cinnamon rolls haha! Grabbed our luggage & rushed to the airport so that we could reach the Ryanair counter 2 hours before our flight lol.

Bye Copenhagen! :)
Didn't expect I would love the super touristy Nyhavn the most hahaha but it's really a gem! (although my friend insisted that it looks like Clarke Quay LOLOLOL)

OH HI LONDON, it's so good to see you again! *love*

It was 6.20pm when we reached Stansted airport! First thing we did was to buydinner at M&S! (it was a smart move because the bus delayed and we reached London Southwark at around 9pm)

Us before we started complaining why was the bus late haha.

Lobby @ Rest Up Hostel.
Dragged our luggage all the way to Rest Up Hostel (it was quite a distance so we visited Tesco on the way hahahaha) and realised that... we have no Wifi in our room (no wonder there was so many people staying at the lobby la lol)! :( IMO this is the worst hostel I have stayed at. The price wasn't really cheap, the location was further from the attractions than expected, the room looked different from the pictures online (and looked dodgy than expected), no Wifi, no breakfast, and lift breakdown LOL.

Bad room, bad location but still we were in a good mood because...
Hey, we were at London!
Spent the time chit chatting and spamming music like nobody else around (bad examples lol) hahaha.
Good night London!


Good morning! It was meant to be an artistic day because we would be visiting museum (although it's actually a natural history museum HAHA) and watching musicals!

Woke up early in the morning because we were going to have breakfast at Notting Hill! I was quite excited because I didn't get to visit Notting Hill when I was in London last year!

We arrived Granger & Co. at 8.30am but there was already a long queue! I didn't expect that the British wake up early on a Sunday morning! Nevertheless, the queue moved quite fast & we got a table very soon! 

This breakfast place was quite beautiful!
YAY it's breakfast time hoho.

Mine was the Big Plate of buckwheat bowl, poached egg, goat’s yoghurt, rose harissa, avocado and sunflower sprouts £11.50
PS: If you are wondering, this is not an English breakfast place hahaha!

Michelle's Ricotta hotcakes, banana and honeycomb butter £12.50
She ordered a cup of hot chocolate too and she said it was one of the best hot chocolate she have had so far!

Hung around the neighborhood & tried really hard to be a hipster HAHA.
I tried, lol
I love the colourful houses!

We actually came here for the Portobello Antique Market on Sundays!

So unique!

Spotted the Paddington Bear at the market! Who is cuter hehe

Ohh... this neighborhood had many beautiful roses too!

More colours!

Sien, I gave up to act like a hipster so this is the real Jia Ning HAHA
Posers how y'all pose like a hipster???

(I was trying to act cool before this picture & a passer-by said "Hey! You look prettier if you smile!" ...did he mean that I am not a cool person -_______- Ending the Notting Hill discovery in doubt lol)

After visiting the Portobello market we were walking to the Kensington Palace. It was 30mins distance but we enjoyed the walk cause the weather was good! We were happily talking nonsense & I noticed there was a black man walking behind us. I thought we were on the same way (cause the streets were crowded) & I wasn't aware of him. But no. After some time, I saw him from the window reflection, and he was starring at us! I told Michelle and we began a battle to get rid of him.
It was really a battle because...
We walked in a faster pace & he sped too.
We ran into another street & saw him walking pass us but he was waiting us in front lol.
We jaywalked in a sudden & he followed.
We stopped (and starred at him) & he stopped too.

We eventually managed to throw him over when we ran into the huge Kensington Garden. This was the first time that I was so thankful for the crowd lol. But we were kinda freaked out that we kept on looking around to check if he was still here lol.

Thanks Kensington Palace and Garden hahaha.

At the Natural History Museum!
One good thing about London is that most of the museums are free to visit! Hello France, please learn from UK ahem.
We thought it was quite boring cause it was more suitable for younger ages but the exhibitions about psychology was really interesting. The plus point was that my travel mate is a psychology major hehe. We spent most of the time here & it was really fun!!!

YESSS we could have long legs too HAHA.

Pass by the very huge Hyde Park & the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain (well actually we just wanted to save more on transport ahaha) & we reach the lunch place!
Mediterranean lunch @ Yalla Yalla! Yummy!

Off we go to the Cambridge Theatre for the musical!
The stage setting of the Matilda Musical!
Wah we were quite lucky to get the tickets because there were only 2 seats left when we finally decided to watch this musical! We got the corner end seats but it was okay as the hall wasn't big. But this musical was really good! The kids sounded noisy sometimes but most of the time they were so good! I love the story line and the songs! Seriously everyone MUST watch at least one musicals when in London!

Hello again, Neal's Yard! :)

It was already 6pm when we left the Cambridge Theatre & we decided to hang around Covent Garden & China Town!
We were saying that we missed Asian food so much but we ended up at...

Franco Manca for the pizzas!!! HAHA


Sorry we forgot to take a photo of the pizza BUT IT WAS REALLY DELICIOUS. 
(that I approved, ok but who cares if I approve hahaha)

After dinner activity: strolled along the Thames River!
Aimed to see the nightview of Tower Bridge this time cause I failed to see it last year haha.

It was really a longggg walk but it was quite amazing to see the sky dimming & the lights shining :)

The Tower Bridge from a different angle!

This view really worth the walk! *love*

My face would ruin the magnificent city view so this was better hahaha.

Reaching the hostel with tired legs but the heart was filled with all the wonderful experiences & memories *love*

Goodnight London!


Checked out in the morning at Restup Hostel because I wrongly booked for only 2nights lol. (even travel experts make mistakes right hahaha)  Dragged the luggage to the Horse & Stable hostel which was A LOT BETTER! And the location was very perfect because it's super close to many attractions like London Eye!

After leaving our luggage at the hostel, we took the tube to the Platform 9 ¾ @ King's Cross Railway St. as Michelle wanna take a photo with the the Harry Potter trolley lol. It was a Monday morning & the queue was super long already?! Sorry Harry Potter fans but really couldn't appreciate the charm of Harry Potter. Michelle ended up not taking a photo too cause she didn't really want to wait *cries*

Sent Michelle to the British Museum (Wow as if I'm a local?! haha) & headed to the Oxford Street to shop cause I only brought a few pieces of summer clothes to Europe. But ended up buying nothing, good job.-__-

And we met up at Vietfood for lunch! I ordered the beef pho & it was scrumptious! Yay the Asian food craving was temporarily satisfied!

We spent the evening shopping around because Michelle's bag was spoilt & she needed a new bag urgently!

Any kind souls can tell me what is this hahaha I forgot what's this lol.

Also forgot what we had for dinner (the consequences of blogging this after 4 months) but the important thing was...

The sunset views of the Big Ben & the London Eye!!!

Oh hey the red bus & the Big Ben! :)

After one year, the Westminster Palace was still under renovation lol.

And the London Eye!

Wah thanks for the co-operation dear sky! The views were 100%!

Happily went back to the hostel after spending the night with such views:) Couldn't believe that we were leaving London the next day! *cries* 

Had breakfast & bid goodbye to my sister's hometown before leaving for the airport *sobs*
Going to the land that I love & hate at the same time hahaha!

Basel airport is also called EuroAirport! It's so cool because there's 3 main exit: France, Germany & Switzerland, meaning that different exits lead you to different countries!

We had some hard time finding out the airbnb & it was already 6pm when we reach the airbnb! The host was really friendly but he had a dog (that made me quite scared to go out of the room LOL)! We were so tired after the traveling at daytime. All we wanted were to get a shower, have dinner, snack & slack hahaha. 

Anyway, I don't really like cites in Switzerland lol. Googled online & found nothing much to do in Basel so yeah we were just slacking in our room happily hehe.


OH HAI we were visiting Lucern woohoo! I was looking forward to visit Lucern cause Minnie (my geo teacher) told me that this place is spectacular! Although the accommodations here cost my, err leg lol but I decided to stay here for 2 nights! :)

Arrived the Lucern railway station at 10.30am & just a few steps out of the station, we were greeted by the well-known Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)! 

Dropped our luggage in the hostel before the hostel counter closed. Be really careful with the office hours in Switzerland because they only work on these hours, no exceptions lol.

Another panorama! (WARNING: you will be seeing this view for thousand times from now on LOL)

After withdrawing money from my lovely-but-always-poor Credit Suisse account (oh yeah Michelle paid for all my expenses in UK & I paid for hers in Switzerland so that we didn't have to exchange our currency!) and having lunch from Migros (Switzerland, why you don't have nice take aways/ microwavable food like UK when you are such an expensive place to live in?! *sobs*), we walked along the Lake Lucerne mainly to see the Chapel Bridge.

Because other views of Lucern city were really just okay IMO lol.

Like this.

Or this.

Or it's just that my photographing skills were horrible, I am sorry haha
(cause life changing photograph lessons only occurred in July, 2017 HAHA)

Michelle said this was my pose idk why though hahaha.
When we had some hardtimes finding some kind souls to help us to take a photo, we met a very pretty solo traveler (that we reflected on our traveling attire for... one minute hahaha) who happily helped us after we had helped her! See, that's why people always have to be kind so that good things happen on us haha!

Long hair problems hahahaha. Wind was our enemy LOL.

And we met at another photo spot after 10minutes so she helped us again hahaha!
yup I gave up on trying to be a hipster so this would be good HAHA.

Chilling by the lake & strolled around the city square (& looked at the huge crowd from Chxna that made the supposingly peaceful & serene Lucern as noisy as a zoo LOL)

PS: We entertained ourselves watching at a couple from Hong Kong as the girl kept on scolding her boyfriend fiercely for failing to take nice photos of her HAHAHAHA

Was walking in the old town & trying to look glam here.

but in reality...

Sorry the sun was just too sunny.

Lindt has too many chocolate that it has to make a wall fountain lol.

Actually... I just wanted to show you how clear the water of Lake Lucerne is lol.

This is me busy replying an important friend hahaha
Oh we hid in the train station for the air-con & free wifi too haha! (all Swiss railways offer free wifi!)

Also climbed some stairs to the Hofkirche.

And also said Hi to the Dying Lyon of Lucerne (Lowendenkmal), someone said it's the saddest and most moving piece of rock in the world lololol.

Actually I felt there's nothing much to do in the city of Lucern cause it's just like other cities in Switzerland, there's nothing special lol. So we went to do groceries hahaha! (best activity to kill time when you have nothing left to be done haha)

It's dinner time!
Cooked dinner & packed lunch for tomorrow (yes this is how poor kids travel in Switzerland) then we went out again to catch the sunset view!

My partner in crime hehe! She actually visited Lucern few years ago but still she was wiling to accompany me! Thanks Michelle hehe! 

Waiting for the sunset...

Look at this!!! It's the first purple-ish sunset that I have seen in my life!

When the sun went down..... the weather started to freeze again & we had to rush back cause we were wearing shorts hahahaha!

Goodnight Lucerne :) 
Can't wait for tomorrow!


Mon petit déjeuner

Good morning Lucern!
Oh yay we just have to go for a hike when in Switzerland cause I honestly think that Switzerland has the most gorgeous mountains (and lakes) in Europe!!!

There are so many mountains in Lucern, Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Titlis & Mt. Rigi are the popular ones! After doing some homework, I planned for a daytrip to Mt. Rigi!

We hopped onto a ferry to Vitznau!

For some unknown reasons I thought that the same view looked prettier when I was on the ferry lol.

Was wondering how much a house on this island costs hmm
On the cogwheel railway! Sorry I got crazy easily hahaha!
We then took the cogwheel railway up to Rigi Kulm (peak of Mt. Rigi)! It's the first cogwheel railway in Europe! But it costed CHF33 to go to the peak cries.


But the view was so pretty that we decided to alight at the Rigi Klosteri Station & embark on a floral trail!

And actually we saw these small yellow flowers most of the time!

This view is so breathtaking and that we decided to just sat here for a while (and gossiped hahaha all the WOW moments thanks Michelle! hahaha)

Look. at. this.
Switzerland really has the best views of the nature! *love*

And the cute houses:)

After 2 hours we were finally reaching the peak!
The slope almost killed us lol.


HELLO THE ALPS! It was quite foggy but the view was still >100%!
I was actually quite proud of us cause we actually hiked all the way up instead of taking the cogwheel railway to the peak! Everything just looked more awesome when I exerted some effort to reach the destinations:)

I seriously love views like this leh! :) 
Thank you Switzerland for teaching me to appreciate the nature better!!!

We admired these views while having our self-prepared lunch at the peak. Remember to bring a jacket though because it was so cold & windy when we were having our lunch!

We were lucky because they are giving out free lindt chocolate hehe!

& we were going down hehe!

The rocky roads were actually quite slippery!

THAT VIEW. Sien I miss Switzerland.

So cute right! It's either in red or in blue!
After missing the ways for a few times we gave in & took the train back to the foothill haha.

I should visit the other mountains if I ever have a chance to go back to Switzerland again!!!

It was already evening & we decided to go back to our room & rest! Then there was an annoying lady from Chxna kept on disturbing us lol. = = Ohh after dinner Michelle had a sudden craving for McD nuggets so we walked to the nearest McD hahaha! She looked like a satisfied kid when she got her nuggets haha!

Leaving Lucern for another city: Zurich!

The Lake Zurich

And.... that's all I have for Zurich HAHAHA sorry I really don't think I like cities in Switzerland. To me, Geneva, Zurich, Basel & Bern look the same to me LOL.

We actually reached Zurich at 10am but we decided to go back to my place in Lausanne at 1pm cause we were really bored LOL.


I really wanted thank Michelle for believing me in the plannings for this 9-day trip! :) And I was so happy that I got to visit all the places that I wanted to hehe! 
I like Copenhagen (and cinnamon rolls and seafood omg) more that what I've expected; 
Surprisingly I found the city of Lucern was ok only... but I like Mt. Rigi & the Chapel Bridge lol;
London is still my favourite place in Europe :)

-and I kept myself in my room to study for finals until end of June hahaha-

this post has been in my draft box for 3 weeks & I finally had time to finish it yayy
let's try to finish another post this recess week or I won't have time to record my summer travel memories until Dec lol

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